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What are they going to do about the massive quantities of oil accumulating below the surface of the Gulf?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) June 8th, 2010

This is just being added to by the gusher every day…is it going to ruin completely the oceans? Is there a light at the end of this very deep and dark tunnel?

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To which “they” do you refer? The oil consortium? The government? BP?

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Probably a hurricane will distribute it on our homes, businesses, etc…hate to even think about it! Bad deal anyway you slice it!

A lot will be cleaned up by manpower and eventually, the ocean will dilute the rest !

Will be years before La. can get over another disaster!

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Apparently Obama’s idea is to kick some ass!

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It’s not actually that much oil. It would only keep America going for a couple of days.

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@Lightlyseared Actually, If you live down here like I do, it is a lot of oil. Especially if you make your living off the coast like some of my relatives do. We (family members not me personally) may NEVER pull through this.

I’m not ready to place blame yet, but it is one huge mess.

As for the original question, who knows! I don’t think anybody has a clue yet. All we can do is pray right now.

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They won’t do anything until they find an Arab Scuba Diver to blame it on. Or maybe they’ll find a brood of evil dolphins with explosive charges strapped to their noses under the control of laughing Iranians with radio controlled joysticks far out in the ocean. Then we’ll have Aqua Terrorism to use as the next excuse for invading another country somewhere. But none of that will happen until the oil rounds the tip of Florida and makes its way up to New York City.

However it turns out, I’m praying for you too. I sincerely hope this all is solved and your family can reclaim their way of life. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. I might actually have cried. I’m so sad to think that the earth has an open wound like this, and how much harm it is causing. I’m so sorry for you, and the ecosystem.

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The pre-approved federal plan to burn off oil in such an emergency was never implemented. A member of the federal “think tank” to devise solutions was removed because it was not “politically correct,” although such a criterion would have no effect on his intelligence, experience and skill. Governors in the Gulf states have not yet received permission from the federal EPA to take appropriate actions to protect their shores. The federal response has been to threaten lawsuits and to look for a scapegoat. There hasn’t been simply a delayed response, there’s been no meaningful response at all. We need action rather than political posturing.

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@missingbite yeah I know it’s alot of all. I was pointing out how it compares to the US’s daily consumption.

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@ItsAHabit You hit this out of the ballpark. The response from the Feds on everything they do is about politics. We have a group in Washington that care more about being PC than anything else. I mean come on. Obama himself said he has been following this to see “who’s ass to kick.” How Presidential! He’s a joke!

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