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For countries who diet consist of mainly fish, how do they not get mercury poisoning?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) June 8th, 2010

Is there something that they do? What are some ways to detox mercury from the body? I want to know because I would like to add a lot of fish to my diet. Thanks!

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Check out this list for a guide to which fish are lowest in mercury levels. It is from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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Thanks! I will look into it

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I’m guessing your liver can deal with it to a certain extent.

And, within the U.S. there are areas where fish makes up a huge part of people’s diet. In Hawaii this is definitely the case. Subsistence fishing has always been a big part of native Hawaiian culture. I imagine Alaska and Washington also consume a lot of fish.

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I asked my doctor to check my mercury so I didn’t have to guess whether I needed to lower my intake or not. I was right smack in the middle of the range. Helped me relax about the whole thing. I think I’ll check it every 2–5 years maybe.

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I think the answer is that “they do”. Statistically you are much more apt to get a host of ails from upping your wild sea life intake (and also domestic wild freshwater fish).

Normally I take such things very lightly, but I lived in Japan for a bit and had to drink milky lead-stuff; and they put me in a human mixer and took x-rays every year just to get re-qualified for our corporate health insurance. It’s a big social health problem that is not fully reported to the public (in Japan).

Your icon is currently of a small child. I’d definitely talk to a professional in these matter vs. crowd-sourced answers online, I should think.

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What makes you think the don’t? I’m with @ipso on this one.

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I don’t know, but eating fish could prevent suicide…seriously.

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Lots of cases of stomach cancer in parts of Asia, some blame it on the fish, some say high sodium, just sayin’.

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@JLeslie your telling this to a persion who has an Asian baby as ther defalt pic, just sayin’. XD

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I didn’t notice. Very cute. Are you Asian? Do you live in Asia?

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There must be places where mercury levels are lower in the water; maybe they get fish from there…

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