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What did you accomplish today?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) June 8th, 2010

I finally caught up on my blogging, and I actually remembered to take my mandatory lunch break.

What did you finally do today that you’ve been putting off?

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Grocery shopping. I hate it, week after week, year after year trying to keep it new and exciting. I did the math today and I have gone shopping for groceries 3,224 times since I married. Yawn

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I got two wisdom teeth pulled and I called my Mom.

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Oh, for crying out loud, I watered the lawn, and your question just reminded me I forget to turn off the water.

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What can I eat? This hurts.

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I ran errands with my dad and we found a rain barrel supplier that is totally cheaper and significantly better than the main game in town.

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This thread is kind of hard to stumble on, but that’s where a lot of us hang out to talk about our accomplishments of the week.

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I gathered all my references for my massage therapy license exam application, and sticky noted all the pages of info I’m still missing! Big accomplishment there. I also bought a gift for our 1 year old neighbor and delivered it. Sorted a huge build up of mail that was starting to get out of hand. Got our son to go on the potty 6 times today! Started a Christmas present project. Good grief, I was busy and didn’t even notice…


@SeventhSense Oh gosh, I have to get mine next month. I recommend chicken broth, though you’re not allowed to use a straw, I don’t think. And ice cream galore!

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@YARNLADY: Glad I could help! lol

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@ubersiren On the potty?? I’m so jealous!

Um, now I feel like a slacker.
We went to the zoo for about three hours. Then home with the boys. I cleaned the kitchen, but the living room is a disaster. One child is bathed and put to bed, the other is now playing and will be bathed soon.

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I obsessively cleaned almost every inch of my bedroom and my bathroom. Everything is spotless. I only do it, like, once a year so….it was time. :)

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went back to weight watchers after four weeks and I’ve lost two pounds

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@lynneblundell well done!
I got college application/paperwork things done. It’s a weight off. Then, I re-excited myself about my future!

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You’re looking at it

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I learned the fan hook technique in my karate class.

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I provided dinner to sixty-four families today, and prevented five cases of food poisoning, further establishing Sam’s as a good place to get cheap chicken dinners.
Then I completed all of my shift tasks in record time. I also managed to relabel all of the salmon fillets as salmon fillets (the old labels were for ground beef) before the manager could find a case to get on. I suspect that nobody complained.

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@Nullo: You realize, I’m sure, that you’ve just given us about half a dozen reasons to NOT eat at Sam’s…? LOL

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@poofandmook If I were advertising, that would be a problem. :D
Incidentally, my heroism consisted of finding chickens that had passed their prime and removing them from the hot-foods case. It’s common practice in the ready-to-eat food places to rotate the stock.

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I did a bunch of errands today, and was on the phone a lot. I still had time to play on the internet.

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I made a delicious gateau.

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