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How do I make this work for under $100?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) June 8th, 2010

I have been looking for a monocular to spot speed traps. Among my searches I think I have found a winner. After the jump, please come back and let’s figure out how to piece one of these bad boys together for cheap.

The lens that is being used in the link is rather costly, but it is also capable of 40x magnification!

If anyone has any good suggestions about making this work I would love to hear them, and I will also chime in on how it turns out.

I am especially curious about inverted lens selection.

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I’m not sure that would work for you. Think about the last few speed traps you saw. Go ahead I’ll wait…. They were located around a sweeping curve in the road and one was located just as you came over a hill. Right? You didn’t have a chance.

Try looking with a pair of 8x binoculars and notice how much bounce and movement you get as you are driving. Now multiply that by 5! Do you think it is safe looking through the image while driving? Just asking…

I like the idea of using old lenses.

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I am willing to endure the perils of such a system! These troopers ‘round here have easy pickens and don’t hide because there are straights. Upon these straights it is possible to make time. Seeing far on the straight gives surety.

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I don’t know which state you are in @Ltryptophan, but using them while driving can change a ticket and release situation into a night in jail around here.

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You could try, you know, driving the speed limit?

Just a little background on “driving the speed limit”, it’s been known to save your life and those around you.

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Yeah, yall are right. I think from now on, I will do the responsible thing and drive the speed limit.

I still like to look at birds though, so let’s discuss how to make this contraption function.

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If you are looking through a telescope while driving , speed traps will not be your greatest peril.

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@jaytkay No, I’ve changed. Now, I will only be birding.

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Radar detectors work better, and may easily be found for less than $100, and yes, binoculars are better for birding.

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Hmm…I would argue something like this is best for birding, a monocular mind you.

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Sweet, but way out of my price range :-(

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