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What are some ways to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos?

Asked by rebbel (31807points) June 8th, 2010

Do you know of ways to not get bitten by these little annoying creatures?
I am looking for methods other then sprays, lemon candles or mosquito nets.
Let’s say, the shops are closed at this hour of the day and i don’t have these articles in home.
So any ‘grandmothers’ methods that you know of?
My girlfriend would be thankful to you!

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I’m not sure you have these things in your home, but vanilla extract on your pulse points works. (Not the imitation stuff, has to be genuine.) So does lavender… you can use the oil or the actual flower and rub it on your pulse points. Clove oil has the same effect, but you should dilute that before applying. Eat garlic. That’s all I’ve got… good luck.

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Stop breathing, Misquotes track animals they vampirize by the emissions of carbon dioxide from the creature’s breath.

Thus no breathing, they can’t find you.

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You could poison your blood and live for one hundred of their generations.

People have told me a lot of things, but nothing really works. Alcohol kills them so they might stay away from it. If you really think it’s worth it you should probably just become a mosquito vigilante, you go around researching mosquitos and killing them in the hopes of one day exterminating them.

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I have read that one should wear light colored clothing.I have no idea if this works.
Buy her a new outfit and you might benefit too :)

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Everything is worthwhile the try, so thank you!
Skin coloured lingerie? Hrmmm, i don’t know…

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@rebbel -Try to talk her into it.You’re just looking out for her best interests,after all :)

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Once i bought her some, i’ld rather talk her out of it ;-)

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I’m a little hesitant to throw this in to this thread, but Skin so Soft lotion, I think it’s an Avon product works pretty well. Use it on the exposed skin, or the skin you’re trying to expose I guess.

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I know you asked for home remedies, and this isn’t one of those, but I thought I would share just in case your girlfriend is looking into options for mosquito bite avoidance in the future, or in case anyone reading this is looking for information!

If you haven’t already tried this, get yourself some 100% DEET. It’s a fairly extreme solution – the stuff is extremely strong and not nice, but it works extremely well. It is a solvent, so it is corrosive to some things (e.g., plastics, leather, etc), and it may irritate your skin if you apply too much or have broken/sensitive skin, but it is so effective. Insect repellent sprays and lotions usually contain DEET in small amounts as it is the active ingredient, so if you can get yourself some of the pure stuff, it really does the job. I wouldn’t recommend using it for long periods of time, mind you!

I always find myself the target of insect bites, all year around, and this is the only stuff I bother with these days. Regular chemist insect repellents just don’t work for me at all or wear off very quickly, so I stopped wasting my money!

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I’m with @reverie ... 100%.

I might just add that dawn and dusk are eatin’ time in mosquitoville. My grandmother’s method was something like: ~“Don’t expose yourself to them when they are hungry – nincompoop”.

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I have found that none of the “home remedies” work though I have noticed mosquitoes seem to prefer my blood over others despite it being 20 proof. One thing that really works well in a pinch is mud. Caked mud works beautifully and is fun putting on!

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I live in Mosquito EATER territory…some of the largest monster Mosquito eaters patrol my house. Huge Dragon Fly sized stealth bombers.

It’s a pain in some ways because they tend to pound themselves to death at the windows when they get trapped in my house on summer nights and leave their crunchy little carcasses in the window sills,...BUT…no mosquitos, and….a nice meal for my resident Daddy long legs that lives behind a huge urn of bamboo in my living room. haha

I also have hundreds of Pacific Tree frogs that live around my patio and deck in the plants and in the little zen water feature on my deck…and bats, bats, bats….it’s a rare and lucky Mosquito that gets past the delta force of nature over this way.

It’s all about being at one with everything. lol

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Put Avon’s Skin So Soft on your skin. I did it once and watched as a mosquito DIED ON MY ARM when it landed!! Better him than me.
I’ve heard you can put a fabric softener sheet in your pocket and they’ll stay away but not sure about this one.

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