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Where can I find a job helping clean up after the BP Oil spill?

Asked by judochop (16084points) June 8th, 2010

I do not want to volunteer my time, I want to be hired on to help clean up the spill. Do any of you know how to accomplish this? I’ve searched but have found nothing.
There must be a company hiring for help and providing sleeping quarters, etc. right?
Help me with the internets please!

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They are claiming that only qualified hazmat people can participate because it is very touchy.

If you are qualified, get in touch with the company at their website.

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Buy a boat, and get out there putting out boom I hear…

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@Ltryptophan No, the coast guard is stopping people from entering the waters that have been declared off limits by the government.

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Maybe there’s a job supporting the qualified hazmat people. Clerical or administrative? Where are they staying? Who’s feeding them?

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If you are not living in the affected area, you pretty much have to have a specialized skill. BP is hiring predominately the people, they are going to have to pay for lost income/damages anyway.

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@YARNLADY 6’o’clock news yesterday…if you have a boat, and you want to get out and work with putting out boom, call 504–555-1212. I don’t have a reason to make it up, do I?

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@Ltryptophan No, of course not, it’s just that the news coming out of there is very patching and contradictory.

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They need people to put out boom, and also to check to see that it is contiguous. Darling, everthing around here is patchy and contradictory, thats how we do!

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Maybe you could buy a hot dog stand and serve lunch to the qualified Hazmat workers?

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You know the drill, come down here, if you’re slick you’ll be in the black in no time.

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Gulf Clean up!
this DC craigslist posting is up re oil spill cleanup
and this contact is listed in post
Analytical Consulting Group, LLC at

Pay $20/hr plus room and board

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I work with a guy who did it for Katrina. He was paid by FEMA, but he worked on a small private crew that was subcontracted. Do some R&D. I’m sure there’s plenty of work.

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The craigslist posting above is a contract job and a paid one.

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Thanks all! I will be calling and sending off resume’s tomorrow morning. I will keep you all posted. It turns out that due to old military training, I do have some Haz-Mat abilities that I can use on a resume!

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