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What exactly happened on those ships?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) June 8th, 2010

An aid flotilla heading to bring support to the gaza strip were intercepted by Israeli soldiers a few days ago on the grounds of a blockade breach. It seems there is quite a bit of controversy as to what happened on those ships.

Does anyone know what went down, why? and how? Also, quite important, where did you hear this from?

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I suggest you do some research as to who was on the aid flotilla. That will tell you what happened. It will take multiple sources to get the real info. Not just one or two.

I believe, one of the ships was there to do nothing but cause trouble. It ended bad. My sources are from Fox, NBC, AP, and Reuters.

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I have received different accounts…I can’t be sure as there are axes to grind and agendas to fill.

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The religious apologists on both the Israeli and Palestenian sides are the cause of all their terrors.

Fundamentalist religious people destroy, destroy, destroy.

(Especially if they come from one of Abraham’s 3 religions).

It looks like Israel made the worse moves here, but both sides have murderer-fundies among them.

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Best I can tell, the Israelis intercepted the flotilla, both to reroute it to a proper port and to check it for arms. The blockade runners on one ship began assaulting the IDF troops with knives and improvised cudgels. The IDF troops retaliated, killing (?) nine of their assailants.

My sources are a few secondhand accounts, and some Youtube videos.
It is my own opinion that the flotilla’s main goal was to lure out and attack the IDF.

@Kraigmo The religious apologists have nothing to do with it. The Palestinians, by and large (to say nothing of the millions of others), hate the Israelis for being in Israel.
And it’s more accurate to say that people destroy, destroy, destroy, and some of them happen to adhere to a religion.

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We discussed it here

And here

If you still want to discuss it after reading our lengthy discussions, feel free to PM me.

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@Kraigmo – Many fundamentalists have hidden political agendas. And they use religious fundamentalism to recruit their cohorts and goons. There are healthy forms of religion and unhealthy forms of religion. Fundamentalism is usually quite unhealthy.

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The ships were led by Palestinian-sympathizing Turkish activists who let the Israelis know of their intentions, and said basically “IN YOUR FACE!” They challenged the Israelis to stop them. The Israelis obliged.

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@GeorgeGee That pretty much sums it up. Welcome to fluther.

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