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What kind of bicycle should I buy for just easy riding around town?

Asked by lilakess (789points) February 18th, 2007
I don't want to spend too much, but I want something reliable, and good-looking. I want to be about to put a baby seat on the back.
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First, I've heard this many times, and also discovered it to be true - you get what you pay for. Second, it really depends on what you are planning to use it for, it's a bit like solving an equation - you need to take account of many variables. Take me for example: I live in Jerusalem - which means: hills, crazy drivers, roadworks all around, I carry a laptop to school, and it rains sometimes. Ok - this means that I need a light bike and many gears (because of the hills and the weight), a reasonably strong frame (I constantly have to go between the sidewalk and road) and tires which aren't too slick (need to break in winter...).
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So my bike is an hard-tail aliminium framed mountain bike with slick, though somewhat wide road tires.
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I also have 27 gears and a damn good backpack. Now, to be honest, I initially bought this as a mountain bike for riding off road, but when I moved to Jerusalem I changed the tires, and I think it
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is the best combination.
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I hope this at least gives you some guidance regarding the questions you should ask yourself. Good luck.
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I just today bought a great new bike at American Cyclery in SF. I'd recommend it! The bike I got is a 2007 Raleigh Passage 4.5. It is super comfy, looks great, and has a low crossbar. It cost about $400, and if you buy it at that store you get free tune-ups for a year.
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I ride my bike to work and just around, but am not a serious bicycler. My Schwinn works great, and the low crossbar means that I can also ride while wearing a skirt!

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For easy riding around town, I would recommend a cruiser style bike. I bought one used on Craigslist.

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