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At what point in a man's life cycle is his sperm most suitable for producing thriving offspring?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10285points) June 9th, 2010

Just want to know when the sauce will be extra special…

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“In general, volume decreases with age as the prostate enlarges. This does not mean potency necessarily decreases, however. “The greatest misconception about semen is that the amount of ejaculate fluid is correlated with virility and potency,” says Dr. Lowe. “In fact, sperm count can be normal even in smaller volumes.” ”


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@ChazMaz are you saying all sperm are created equal throughout the lifecycle?

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Well, I believe so. Read the source material.

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Ah, good no rush.

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Numbers count with sperm. Men have higher numbers probably from ages 15 to 50, just guessing/estimating. That would be when their testosterone is likely at it’s peak.

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Guys are a bit easier in regards to viable reproductive years. Just choose your mate carefully. Past 40, women enter a host of new risk factors.

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Just don’t make yourself too pretty. :-) Link

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