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What will the be the social and privacy ramifications now that video calling is becoming a reality?

Asked by NeroCorvo (1231points) June 9th, 2010

With the release of the new iPhone video calling will be mainstream.
I am curious about the social aspect of video calling and how society will dictate our future interactions.

It would be nice for intimate relationships but how much exposure is too much?

What if we choose to not allow the camera on? Will this become a social issue by which others will judge?

Will those who do not feel like being “on camera” be considered anti-social or hiding something?

Will bosses check up on their employees that call in sick?

Would a bf/gf/spouse be suspicious if you did not pick up?

If we do turn on the camera will we be then judged by our surroundings? I had the oddest vision of backdrops selling wildly of posh living areas…

What are your thoughts on video calling? Will you be active? Are you comfortable with it?

For me when speaking on the phone now I ususally am multi-tasking. I am not interested in staring into the face of another person. (I do not even do this when in conversation face to face unless the conversation is intimate.) While I do think I will use the feature I am a bit guarded on how my decision not to turn on the video for every caller will be considered in the future.

As always thank you for your input.

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Same argument/question when the cell-phone showed up.

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I’m just hoping that at some point, everyone will say “Why the frak are we doing this to ourselves?” and drop it.

I am not a dog. I don’t need a leash.

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Everybody does not need to video call. The option would still be there for some people who wish to make their calls the old fashion way.

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“The option would still be there for some people who wish to make their calls the old fashion way.”

Yea, that will really fly. I will tell my employer, family and friends. When I am out of the office or the house I will not be able to talk to them. Since I choose to only communicate with a land line. :-)

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@ChazMaz I was not referring to the land line. Forgive me but on the i Phone doesnt it have an option whether or not to use the video call?

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But in the same sense. Video calling will become a norm and a “necessity” having no “excuse” to not use it.

Just like the cell-phone.

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Why would it become a “necessity” if the option remains? If in the future they make phones that can only be used to video call then i can see how it would become a norm and a necessity.

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Actually the question is not on whether or not the feature can be disabled – it is how society will dictate its use and judge those to opt to not allow video. Just sayin

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“Why would it become a “necessity” if the option remains?”

At one time we had an “option” to just use our land line.

@NeroCorvo – Has it right. :-)

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Society will welcome the video calling, but on the issue of privacy and so on, I dont think that will be much of a problem since we have options to use the video call. @ChazMaz Some people still use that land line and dont use the cell phone because of the dangers that the phone can cause with driving and the issue of radiation etc. It is a necessity for some people but not for all.

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“It is a necessity for some people but not for all.”

Depends on your concept of necessity. And, not for all. But, most.

Your examples are valid but the phone will still be close by.

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“People” will start thinking that I’m hiding something if I don’t use video calling? What, are they teenagers? Hmpf. Tough for them, then. At some point, what I want counts more than what my neighbors think, if I’m not hurting them. Not using video conference calling on my iPhone doesn’t fall in the category of hurting my fellow human.

Most people barely use video calling now, except for conference calls at work. Those who have personal access probably feel the same as I do, so I believe that this won’t be much of an issue. I have video calling capability on my PC, and I’ve only used it on my terms.

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We already have video calling. People seem to use it when it’s convenient, and not use it when it’s not. I don’t think this is going to cause much of a change at all.

I use video chat for the following purposes:
1. To have a “face to face” conversation with friends living overseas or on the other side of the country
2. To check out a friend’s outfit and offer feedback

It hasn’t had much of an impact yet; I don’t see that changing.

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Right. For the most part, you need a big hunk of hardware to Video Chat.

But, when and now that it works from the palm of your hand. Or attached to your wrist. (Dick Tracy)

Everything and the “rules” will change.

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IMO it still wont become as big as apple wants it. It will drain your battery faster, and for now atleast you need to be on wifi.

Anyways for the future video calling will never totally replace audio calling because they are different things. Video calling may get more popular, but sometimes we will still use just audio because of its convenience.

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And remember, for now it is only available when calling an other iPhone user via WiFi.
It is not like 100% of all people have an iPhone, so i guess, if any, it will only affect iPhone users.
And i heard there will be two camera’s on the phone (one on front and one on the back) so you can always choose to just show your conversation partner just the tip of your shoes.

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@jackm @rebbel It is going to become mainstream. Just as cell phones have and computers. It is just a matter of time. And there are two cameras on the iPhone just for this purpose.

Take a look at this video.

So again- this will be mainstream. What are your feelings on it?

How do you think society will change?

Look at Twitter- people post mundane to intimate everyday crap all day long. Life is more exposed now than it ever has been and this is a natural progression.

Will this be abused?
Will it be used to keep tabs on one another or just to benefit our lives?

Will you use it?

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This is already available on most phones in Europe, it has been for years. It is barely ever used.

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By default i will put the camera for video calling off.
And when, in due time, it is mainstream, i won’t feel pressed to switch it on, jst because that would be the standard.
If people around me are going to insist, i will switch it on one time…, when i just woke up or whilst in the middle of steamy sex.
That’ll teach them…

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