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I would but for one thing: the people who were working on these rigs and ancillary jobs, is there no comparable work (or any jobs at all) for them to have? Regardless of how we may feel about the oil companies in general and their CEOs and lobbyists in DC in particular, the workers have been idle for a long while now, and they need work.

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What drives me crazy about that story. We can do more oil drilling in-land.

Even with the oil spill, we still would rather the process to be out of sight.

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If we grew hemp biomass and turned that into diesel fuel, the growth of the biomass would counteract the pollution of the burnt fuel. And we’d never have to depend on Evil Conservative Muslim Arabs again. And we’d never have an oil spill ever again.

Oh… wait a minute… I guess we cannot legalize hemp biomass because Presidents like Obama and Bush, and their Neocon controllers, would say that sends “the wrong message to children”.

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Obama will damned if he does and will be damned if he doesn’t. Either way, there are more than enough whiny, teabagging, Obama-haters out there who can only get their jollies by pitching a bitch-fit over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Obama does, no matter how insignificant and no matter whether it’s real or imagined. And, whether the drilling continues or stops, one of them will complain about that too. Most of them just don’t have anything better to do.

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Yes, basically. The Demokrats are a bunch of right-wing nutjobs with incestuous ties to special interests.

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No not at all….thousands of rig employees are sitting at home unemployed and this will simply put them and more back to work.

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