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What's your biggest pet peeve?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

I hope its not people who can’t spell because I think I spelled peeve wrong.

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It takes a whole lot to get me peevish, but I would say when people don’t clean their own messes. All of your spelling is up to par, but your topics aren’t. Oh no, I think you might have given me a new pet peeve-When people put “none” as the topic for every question they ask. If you fill in the topics, your questions will be sent to the right people, and they could be found by search.

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people hacking up phlem and spiting it in your path! Gross!

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Slow cars in the left lane.
Cell phone use in check-out lines, theaters, public bathrooms….

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Your spelling is fine :0)
People who ruin an ambience, say for example, at a cafe: letting their entire ringtone play out before they’ll answer their phone, holding their 1 billionth sales meeting in a row for their start up, and people who yack away incessantly and loudly either with their companion or on their phone to the extent that you cannot safely drown them out even by wearing your iPhone headphones while listening to death metal. (whew!)

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@mcbealer-That sentence was super-long, I think it made me a little peeved. I love how you came back and edited to tell him his spelling was fine.

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• Chronic Indecisiveness…
• Bossy, trifling, messy females – especially in a workplace
• Hearing people chew (mostly people who chew with their mouth open)

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@bulbatron9— yeah, I was going for the feeling of angst I feel at Borders sometimes because people are so inconsiderate.

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@mcbealer-I thought it was great! I could feel the emotion pouring from the screen.

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racist people

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women (or men) not putting the toilet seat up when finished.

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@robmandu – I don’t believe putting the toilet seat down is just a “woman thing.” Putting down the lid is something hygienically sound people do. When you leave the toilet seat up millions of microscopic microbial water droplets surge out. Not to mention, that children and pets are less likely to play in the toilet, if the lid is down.

You probably wipe towards the front, too.

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The pouring and fizzing noises on I really don’t normally get annoyed with little things, but for some unknown reason this drives me insane! I always mute the computer before going to that site.(Speaking of…...if anyone wants to give me their codes in a private fluther comment, that would be swell!)

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@bulba, well, it’s for the hygenic reasons that I mention putting the seat back up. Many times, a flush can back-spray and wet the seat. People don’t notice, walk away, leaving that mess to possibly dry on there, and the next person wouldn’t know.

Little kids, and lazy guys, often don’t lift the seat before taking a leak and bad aim, or back splash, can again wet the seat if it’s down.

I understand women don’t like falling in accidentally, but it seems to me that leaving the seat in the up position when not in use is the cleanest place for it to be.

If you want to keep pets/kids out of the water altogether, the seat alone is likely to be no deterrent at all… put the top lid down. Actually, that might be your (weakly written) point… and I would agree that always “lid down” is better than always “seat up”, given the choice.

(All this is from a home-use perspective… public restrooms demand another level of personal hygenic protection).

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I also hate it when people intentionally walk slowly across a road while while traffic is moving at full speed. Those very same people also walk very slowly, shoulder to shoulder, down the aisles at walmart, refusing to acknowledge that people want to get past!!

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Rude people!!!

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Drivers that don’t use their turn signals

When i had them, teachers that i knew more then, on the subject they were teaching.

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People not putting in the correct topics in their questions.

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Repetitive sounds, like someone tapping a pencil.
People who sing in public places.
People who walk through doors and then stop (when there are clearly others coming in behind them).

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stupid people who think they are know it alls

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the vent fan in a bathroom drives me nuts

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people driving and using a cellphone without a headset then almost hitting you.

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Bill O’Reilly

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