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Where can I go to build a Photography Portfolio online?

Asked by calipalagigirl (31points) June 9th, 2010

I want to get away from the social networks to a site where people can just see my work. I am not completely computer savvy with codes and what not, so something simple and looks nice. I know with flickr you can store so much before you have to pay to upload more… is there anything that is completely free? Any ideas?

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cazzie's avatar is the only one I know of.

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A Pro Account on Flickr is best however you can use a site like this
I built one on Wix however people still ask to see my Flickr.

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I believe Picasa has unlimited storage (or a much higher limit than Flickr), but it doesn’t look as nice as Flickr.

CargoCollective and Carbonmade are also sites where you can build a more portfolio-ish site (as opposed to a photoblog site like Flickr, Tumblr, Wordpress) but there are limits on how much you can upload before you have to pay. I think CarbonMade is $12/month – they do all the coding for you and it looks pretty nice.

Flickr Pro accounts are not terribly expensive – $25 a year if I remember correctly.

Also consider Shown’d, which I think is free with no limits on space.

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I’m a photographer and I use Photoshelter They have both free and paid accounts, but the free ones have some great capabilities for you.

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Since photography is my thing, I know this AMAZING photo editor called: (Picnik) It has everything you could want: Tan, teeth whitening, highlights, makeup, effects, blemish/wrinkle remover, eye color, thinness control etc. And most of it’‘s stuff is free, and it’s really cheap, like 1’Dollar per month.

If you want simpler stuff:
-photo bucket

If you want more DM me. :)
P.S: The best thing about picnik is you can directly upload pictures from facebook or the computer or myspace/twiter etc. and its up to u if you want pl to see it

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