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Is an hour enough time to form pee?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) June 9th, 2010

I have a drug test and I used the bathroom now I only have an hour is that enough time? (currently drinking water)

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Go for caffeine, it will work faster. If that won’t work, then drink lots of water. For your purposes right now it will work better to drink as much as possible so your bladder gets fuller faster.

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It should be.
Good luck! I hope you pass!

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Drink Cranberry Juice.

Just because.

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tea and coffee are diuretics so they speed up urine production.

also most testing facilities offer you water and some time if you can’t go right away.

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Yes. Just drink some water, do not eat any food, you will be ready, not to worry.

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They only need a little bit. You don’t need to fill the cup. Just drink water and you should be fine.

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Drink about 4 32 Oz things of water. You’ll be FINE!

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Um…why do you have to take a pee test?

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Drinking too much water can kill you, so you don’t need to go crazy or anything.
I’m guessing they won’t let you drink beer… which is a shame.

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Count down! @hug_of_war‘s taking the test now!

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Yes. don’t you hate having to worry about such a thing

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Well, Hug????? Everything come out OK???

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Yes I peed and it was glorious

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Yep. The average person produces about 1 ml of pee per hour for every kg of body weight. In English units that is about 2.5 to 3 oz in an hour – if you are well hydrated.

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