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What is it about the way some amazing people sing that gives us goosebumps?

Asked by Val123 (12704points) June 9th, 2010

Inspired by this

I assume everyone gets the same physical reaction of goosebumps when you hear a voice hit a particular pitch (or whatever it is) perfectly. Do you think it’s some instinctive reaction to a certain sound that goes way back in our evolution or something? What reason would we have for having that reaction? (While I’m on the subject, when my full blood German shepherd howls, which is not very often, it gives me the goose bumps too. It’s so wild and mournful that it makes me shiver. I wonder if it’s related to this in anyway….?)

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I don’t know.His voice does it for me—He also has the best eyebrows.Ever—:)))
It does work the other way too.I have wanted to launch pies at people who sing out of tune,but it just creates a mess;)

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I’ve never gotten goosebumps from hearing anyone sing.

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@ChazMaz Well I would too if I was in the same room with him! The words seemed to affect the girls more than the voice. I’ve noticed that a great singer can sing the same song a hundred times, but not always give you goosebumps. Then, suddenly, there it is, somewhere in the song. Makes shiver!

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Elvis Presley singing, “How Great Thou Art,” causes me to have goosebumps!

Unchained Melody, by the Righteous Brothers is not bad either!

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Hearing Aretha Franklin sing the gospel standard ”Old Landmark” on her Amazing Grace album gives me goosebumps. Daryl Hall’s voice gives me goosebumps. That falsetto he pulls off for the last chorus of ”Kiss on My List”? Gorgeous.

And, strangely enough, hearing John Lennon sing the “looooose!” part in ”You’re Going to Lose That Girltotally gives me the shivers. His voice usually sounds a little scratchy and ragged to me, so the clear tone he’s got on that record is awesome. And so sexy.

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MrsDufresne does that to me. :-)

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@BoBo1946 “In the Ghetto” by Elvis does that to me too.

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