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Something wrong with my computer?

Asked by iScizoX (15points) June 9th, 2010

I don’t know the cause, but my laptop won’t open any programs, actually anything… if i’m lucky it may open, 30% chance. and right now the internet somehow opened up for me. some other things going on is my connection. it’s perfectly connected, though it has that alert icon indicating it’s not connected, but im still getting good connection! also, and if i am able too open something it doesn’t load all the way it’ll just say “not responding”. when i try downloading, it also freezes up, saying “not responding” and i am unable to exit it anything. my task manager has gone wrong, it says “failure too open security options” something like that. iv’e tryed system restore and when im done with it, a black screen simply pops up and stays like that for hours. please help? anything i can do too fix these problems??

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Do you have a firewall installed? Do you have antivirus software installed?

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Have you run a deep scan lately?

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im pretty sure.

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Try again. I think you have some bad trojans on board. You can try to install SpywareDoctor (it’s free) and run a deep scan using that. Also Hijack This can be helpful.

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your using Windows? Seems to be operating fine to me ;) use the suggested options, use AVG

Hijack This is very good but you could mess up your system if you don’t know exactly how to use it…

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@Tobotron AVG is ineffective and I do not trust it. I use Avira as it is far more effective, less of a resource hog, faster, and overall superior.

I also add in Spybot Search & Destroy is for no reason other than the “Teatimer” resident shield.

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go to system tools, and use the defrag. See how much vacant space is on your hard drive. If you have less than 30%, you need to open some up.

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no filmfan, when i try opening it, it says ” the timeout period expired” it won’t open, nothing won’t open but the internet, im unable too download anything also, im stuck… ive tried safe mode but the computer unexpectedly turn off when ever i do go too safe mode.

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Always start in Safe mode before running a scan or downloading antivirus software. Often anti virus activity triggers them into their nasty behaviors.
My suggestion: Download MalwareBytes’ Anti-Malware. It is the best on the web. Then download LavaSoft Ad-Aware . Run a deep scan on Malware in Safe Mode and then Lavasoft also in Safe Mode. Ninety nine percent of the time they will do the trick.
If they don’t clear it up I don’t think anything will.

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seventhsense, i downloaded ad-aware lavasoft a long time ago. i got a virus by it. i beleive it’s a scam. i got a rouge virus/trojans etc from it, i downloaded malwarebytes while ago also, it detected ad aware and came along the rouge virus and tojans with it, i’m just going to point out that ad-aware is fake anti-virus program.

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@iScizoX You could try CCleaner from I use it daily and have not had any problems.

All the best.

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You didn’t get a virus from Lavasoft Adaware. Maybe a close sounding copy. There are many mimics of reputable software.

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I agree with @SeventhSense. Adaware has been fine for years. You must have downloaded it from a bad site. I suggest for such downloads.

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