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Does eating chocolate beget chocolate cravings?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) June 9th, 2010

I think it does. I rarely, RARELY eat candy, but it’s not like I hate it so if it’s there….well, I came across a sack of Easter candy that the Bunny forgot to give my grandkids. I kept telling myself that I hate the kind of candy she chose (miniature Baby Ruth, Nestle Crunch, Butterfingers)—but it’s a lie. The damn Rabbit ALWAYS brings MY favorite candy. Never mind what the kids want. Stupid Rabbit.

So…I took it to work hoping it would get gone quickly. It didn’t, and I was, of course, snacking on it. I finally sent out an SOS to a coworker in another building, and she said she’d take it off my hands (I wonder what she’s going to think when she finds the plastic grocery bag tied in 30 knots, stapled AND taped…) Anyway, that was yesterday.

Then today, I’m sitting here minding my own business when I suddenly HAD to have chocolate! HAD to. I actually went to the store specifically to buy a candy bar.

I’ve noticed this in the past. If I eat chocolate one day, the next day I get almost overwhelming cravings for it! Is this all in my head (or should I say in my tummy, now…)?

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I think chocolate is addictive. Once you indulge, lotsa luck stopping. And you mentioned some of my fav’s but you left out Tootsie Pops in Cherry. LOL !

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I wouldn’t be the one to ask. Just look at my username. Ah, that easter so many years ago…

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I am chocolate’s bitch.

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@Aster I don’t really have a problem “stopping.” Usually I don’t go out and buy a whole candy bar. I’ve found that those .25 chocolate covered cherries that they sell individually takes care of what ever craving, and after a couple of days of those I don’t want it any more….

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@Val123 Years ago I had a brief addiction to choc covered cherries. lol ! If only I could switch from choc to celery sticks.

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I’ve had addiction to CCC all my life! They are the BEST! Which is why I usually avoid them, and NEVER get them by the box.

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@Val123 Now, That’s the kind of addiction to have: you can avoid them and only buy in very small quantities!

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That’s the best thing to do with ANY addiction!

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Eating alot of choclate will be-gettin’ me a chunky butt ;)

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Not me. But I eat a small portion of super dark chocolate with a high cacao content, like 70–80%, and a little bit is all I’ll need.

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I don’t know about that. I seem to go in cycles and they usually match my monthly cycle. I get some bizarre chocolate cravings and after about a day of arguing with myself I’ll realize; “Oh, guess I’ll be seeing aunt Flo in a couple days.” Sure enough. And I can eat some chocolate and 24 hours later feel the need for some more. Then I’ll go for months at a time not even thinking about chocolate, or if I hear it mentioned it has no effect on me whatsoever. I don’t understand myself. I never have.

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@Trillian Aunt Flo?? LOL!! You sound like me. Like, right now I have half of that Baby Ruth bar I bought yesterday sitting next to me. Have no urge what-so-ever to eat it…..

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When Aunt Flo comes to visit me, we have steak, not chocolate.

I more or less stopped eating the Hershey and M&Ms-type chocolate candy bars as a kid after I saw that Diff’rent Strokes episode with Nancy Reagan. “SHELLAC?!?!?!!”

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@aprilsimnel I want to laugh but….I don’t know the joke! (What’s wrong with me? I’m laughing anyway and I don’t know why!)

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It wasn’t a joke. Nancy Reagan was visiting Mr. Drummond and noticed the boys eating junk food, so she told them what was in the stuff they were eating; apparently, in those days, a thin coating of shellac was put on candy bars (and for all I know it still is) to make them appealingly shiny. Arnold gave her a look and shrieked, “Shellac!?”

Can’t imagine that the junk food lobby was too pleased.

The more you know…

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I looked it up…doesn’t say anything about being dangerous to ingest….granted, it can take one back to know that it can also be used as wood flooring finish, but that’s just a mental block kind of thing.

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