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What's the Best Dog for Cuddling But Not Barking?

Asked by Aster (19984points) June 9th, 2010

Say you want a cuddly, affectionate dog (pathetic) and one that doesn’t go Nuts when someone’s at the door or shed. Which is the best for these qualities? Or does this breed not exist?

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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If you are not willing to train it then a stuffed dog. But seriously, properly train any dog and you can cuddle them sometimes. The lap dogs although they should never be on your lap are good sizes. We have a miniature poodle and he’s great. He doesn’t shed either.

Even the cutest dog can attack you and/or go nuts when someone’s at the door if not trained properly.

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I have to agree with @tranquilsea. All dogs do bark…but calmer breeds tend to be a bit quieter. However, you will always find one that nixes that theory.

Good training makes a huge difference.

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Loves to cuddle. Sleeps often. Rarely barks. Also doesn’t shed.

They look like a slightly larger Maltese with thicker hair.

We have one and she’s wonderful. But, as was mentioned, training is key.

which we’ve done an ok job with

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@cprevite I’ve considered Havanese but search says it sheds. They are great, aren’t they?

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<—-Boxer. Rarely barks, loves to cuddle.

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Neopolitan Mastiff

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Basenjis don’t bark. They can’t, their throats aren’t shaped for it. It’s believed basenjis were selectively bred for quietness, as they’re hunting dogs.

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@chyna GA. Well-trained boxers are quiet, hilarious, and attention hounding lovemonkeys. @Aster I bet you can find a boxer rescue somewhere near you.

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@Likeradar Mine entertains me for hours chasing the water sprinkler. I laugh til I’m crying.
Of course, my water bill will be outrageous

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Bichon Frises are great dogs. They have a very very friendly nature, are cute and fluffy, and love to play and are kind of a frou frou lap dog, but just really awesome. Of course, any dog’s (or most) behavior can be perfect for your needs if you properly train them or if it already has had good training.

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Mine, oh yes.

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@Aster: Nope. No shedding (unless you brush the heck out them). That’s part if the reason we chose her.

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