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What is the most hackable e-book reader?

Asked by justn (1382points) June 9th, 2010

My b-day is coming up and I’m wanting an e-book reader. What I don’t want is one that is crippled and can’t handle a bunch of book formats. Even if I have to do a bit of hardware or software hacking to get one more open I’d be willing to do it. Basically I want the Android phone of e-book readers.

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The Nook supports many formats and uses Android as its OS. I don’t know how easy it is to hack however.

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I’m sure it wouldn’t take too long for iPwn or some group of guys to hack the iPad. . .

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Definitely shop around. I think that the Sony reader will support standard text document formats like .doc, .rtf, and .txt

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This is the link for the iPhone developers blog but also contains info about the ipad hack (which was developed within a day of its appearance).

I also know there are other similar sites which also have forums where you can ask more specific Qs about hacking the ipad, precautions and limitations.

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