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Should I buy something to start collecting or is it just a waste?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) June 9th, 2010

I own 68 pairs of shoes (that still fit me 30 more if you count the ones that are snug), all from different events, stores, gifts, a lot of hard work as far as searching goes, and a lot more work as far as just getting people to sell them to me. I wear all my shoes, I even have a rotating pattern that uses the rainbow to make sure all my shoes see the light of day (unless its raining, than I wear my fillers). The other day I was browsing around a little place my friend and me know about downtown where this guy has shoes a little earlier than most people, and I see a pair of jordan 15s ( and I KNOW I would never wear them, because i dont really feel them, but I like them.

I would almost be perfectly fine with letting them sit on my shelf for ever just to show them off to people, but never sell them. Should I buy them?

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Depends on what you mean. When you buy something, you have benefited the seller, so it’s not a complete waste. After you are no longer around, the collection can be given to a charitable thrift store, so it won’t be a waste.

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those are hideous

I know from working at Footaction how expensive Jordans are… if you don’t intend to wear them, I would save the money for something you would wear, or donate it to a good cause. Something like shoes won’t be valuable in x-years, so it wouldn’t be like an investment. And if some day, they’re just going to be donated, you could’ve taken that 100+ dollars and bought lots of pairs of shoes to donate… you know what I mean?

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Start collecting?
68 pairs and you talk about start collecting? ~
Those shoes in the pic are probably the ugliest shoes that i have ever seen. No offense.

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If it’s something you can afford and feel good about owning, why not? They’re no more useless than some people’s Precious Moments collections, mug collections, mini-giraffe collections, etc.
Sure, it would be “better” to donate the money to charity, but we all buy shit we don’t really need.

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That picture doesn’t do the shoe justice. They look like cute little booties on your feet.

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It sounds to me like you’re already collecting shoes, but so far only functional shoes. If shoes are your “thing”, go ahead and collect the non-functional ones that catch your fancy. I collect lots of stuff that I don’t use (baby cups, the letter N, birds). I display them, but there’s no function beyond decorative. It’s your money. :)

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It’s just a waste unless it’s a commodity. Collect antiques, gold and silver which will always have value. As for the Beanie babies, here today, gone tomorrow.

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