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Threadless t-shirts, do they fit small (or, no)?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 9th, 2010

I’m trying to decide on which size to get.

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It depends on the manufacturer. Do they have a sizing chart anywhere that tells you which size you would be based on your personal measurements?

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In my experience, if they are cotton, they have not been preshrunk, buy big.

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In my experiences, yes. They fit small.

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May I ask what a “threadless” t-shirt is?

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Threadless is an online retailer of t-shirts. They do fit a little small.

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@Mamradpivo Thank you for clarifying. I was trying to imagine what a “threadless t-shirt” might be. Maybe made out of Tyvek or something like that. :)

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I buy a lot of them. And they are snug. Not as snug as American apparel. I wear a medium from Threadless and I am 6’ and 140 pounds. And it is a bit snug, but I like tight tee-shirts.

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6’ and 175 here… and for me, the threadless tee mediums are a skosh too small while their large tees are too big. They make kind of a big jump.

For me, the perfect size L shirts come from Dive Bar Shirt Club.

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@robmandu do you know if the have a “girly style shirt”?

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They do, @jjmah.

1. Go here:

2. You should see a dude wearing a black tee. At the bottom of his picture is a little icon of a camera with arrows. Click the right arrow.

3. And now you should see the girly tee version of the same shirt.

And then, when you order, be sure to select a size from the “Girly Tee” choices.

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