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What is your ideal work/study space outside of your home/office/library?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) June 9th, 2010

I’m curious where other people go to get work done. Every single coffee shop I go to is too loud (music, chatter, typing, dishes, espresso machines), too crowded, or just not conducive to work or study. Particularly reading. Coffee shops seem to have become great places to browse the web, but horrible places to read and unwind. I find that most coffee shops promote their WIFI, but I almost feel like it would be better to find a place without WIFI. Or even cell reception. I have this intense craving for tranquility that I can’t get really anywhere. Where is your ideal non-work/home/library space to read and work?

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I love reading outside on my porch when it is nice out. I will also take my laptop outside when I can to do some of my school work or to read up on the latest nursing research.

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Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, with a good battery.

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In my back yard I have a shade tree, and a small plastic table and 2 chairs. There is a statuette of Venus Ascending. It is the most relaxing place I have here, and I never get out there.

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A nice park is good if weather permits. If there’s a local university (or if you’re in school), you could probably just go to the student center/union or a designated quiet area that’s open to the public. If all else fails I’d suggest creating your own designated quiet area at home that’s custom tailored to you and your needs, and investing in one of those noise canceling headphones.

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I take a book and my boat.I know some areas where you feel like you are the only one around for miles.It is beyond tranquil:)

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I take my laptop out by my pool on the nice days. When I am away from home, I either stop at the truck stops for the wireless access, or the National/State parks. I spent several days at the various California State Beaches with full wireless access a couple of years ago.

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A place that is free from mental or emotional disturbances is generally not outside for me. There are too many things to distract me. SQUIRREL! ... sorry about that. I think the most unused part of a house or building with good seating is the best spot for me

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home office

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I cannot get work done anywhere that isn’t my home, office, or the library. Period.

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A computer w/web access and a temperate climate

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My car.
I’ll park somewhere nice (under a tree, near a park) and read, do some light stuff on my iPhone or nap.

For real work, however, I have to be at the computer, so the office is it unfortunately.

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I will go up on my roof. It has a great view and is quiet. I have a deck chair and a table up there. It’s great except when it’s too hot or too cold.

I also have a great climbing tree out front. About thirty feet up there is a place where a bunch of branches come together, and if I haul up a cushion, it’s a great place to hang out. It’s over the sidewalk out front and people come walking by talking about the darnedest things and they have no idea someone is overhead.

The tree is a good place to read. I haven’t brought a computer up there, but I do have my ‘droid in case there’s something I absolutely have to know about this instant. It’s not for everyone. A lot of people don’t have the tree-climbing gene. But if you’re that kind of person, and you have a good tree, then, in nice weather, there’s no better place to be.

Didn’t someone write a poem about that once?

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There’s a grassy terrace attached to my building on a different floor, high about the street. Hardly anyone goes there, and I can get back inside quickly if need be.

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Hmm… Well, I am the opposite of you in that I prefer background noise when I am working. It helps me concentrate. I do not function well in dead silence (one of the reasons I will never agree to work in an office with just one other person and an unofficial rule against listening to music). So, coffee shops are pretty ideal for me. Beaches, gardens, parks, all great so long as wind isn’t too much. Ideally, I’d want to work outside in a beautiful garden on warm, sunny days in the shade of a tree. Or, maybe on a mountain top or under an umbrella next to an infinity edge pool that over looks a fantastic view.

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