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Where are all the hummingbirds this year?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) June 9th, 2010

My regular hummingbird pets have not arrived. they are usually here around May 20th. they are 3 weeks late. is this normal? if you have the hummers at your house, have they arrived? is this a reason for concern?

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In Arkansas ;)

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meagan, they have not arrived in Nashville.

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@john65pennington Well they’re all here! I’ve had my feeder out for months, ‘had to refill it a few times, too. :)

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They’ve gone further south maybe, global warming, climate change, all of that perhaps.

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We’ve had them on the mid-Atlantic seaboard for many weeks. @john65pennington Could something new in your yard be alienating them? Just a thought.

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We live in CT, and we’ve seen hummingbirds at our feeder over the past few weeks.

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Have seen them here John! Maybe, the floods caused them to bypass Nashville!

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They arrived right on schedule at my place here in New York.

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I’ve gone through three quarts of food already this year. I have a bunch of them here in NY. I wouldn’t be surprised if the storms displaced your native population?

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littycoyote, i think you may have hit on something here. do you think the major flooding we had in Nashville has anything to do with no hummingbirds? maybe, they spotted all the flood water and just kept going? thanks all for the answers.

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@john65pennington That type of weather would cause problems with raising their young. We get similar results with geese, turkeys, etc when it’s rainy and cold. The infant mortality skyrockets in those conditions.

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Adirondack, thanks. i am leaning more toward the flooding as the cause, than anything else.

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John—We are also in Nashville, awaiting our fluttering friends. The day after we put the feeders out, we saw one, and one show only. I sure hope they aren’t bailing on us this year!

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