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What PS3 games would I enjoy?

Asked by gemiwing (14713points) June 10th, 2010

We’re looking at buying a used 60g PS3 and the only thing really holding me back is the worry that I’ll have trouble finding games that I like.

I hate shooters, they bore me to tears and make me angry and frustrated at the same time. Same goes for violence for violence’s sake I’m looking at you GTA. I’ve seen enough violence in my real life so I’m not looking to add any to my down time.

I like puzzles Prof Layton; Picross 3D; Mercury Madness, adventure games Zelda; Lego Indiana Jones, non-team sports Tony Hawk; Skate and unique games Endless Ocean is in my top five. I haven’t played a racing game since my old PS1 days so I don’t even know what that genre looks like anymore.

We’re buying the 60g for backwards compatibility (hello cheap games!) and it’ll be cheaper than buying the new ones. Problem is, this will limit us to very few downloads from PSN.

Are there enough games that you think I would like to make the PS3 worth it? Can you recommend some for me to look at?

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I’d check the backwards compatibility!!!!
Here in the UK only on the first released were PS3’s were backwards compatible (only to PS2), they were indeed the 60Giggers but they were only on sale for a short period. Since then every model released has not been backwards compatible.
Ask in store.

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@Mat74UK I don’t know about the UK, but in the US the original PS3 had hardware built into it for PS2 compatibility. I think they were the 80GB ones. After that, PS2 hardware was emulated in software up until the very recent models when they dropped it completely.

Obviously it’s better to have a mini PS2 stuck in your PS3, but I’ve been able to play all the Gran Tourismo games with minor graphic glitches and the Ratchet & Clank series with no issues. I have whatever was the one that came with Metal Gear Solid 4. Yes, I’m getting old when I don’t care what I have.

I would try the Katamari game, if it doesn’t drive you insane.

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We are very evenly split between puzzle games and the shooter ones in my family. My youngest son loves Little Big Planet, Civilization, Braid, Bejeweled

The site I’m linking to is Gamespot. They do a great job reviewing and suggesting games.

I hope the backwards compatibility works for you. I’ve heard that many people had problems with it and that is the reason they scrapped it. Backwards compatibility hardly ever works properly.

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Little Big Planet is okay. It seemed kind of empty to me. It’s very short on game, but big on creating your own levels. And that was fun for a while.

Right now I’m working on Need For Speed: Shift. It’s all right, too, if you want to get back into the racers but I’m waiting for Test Drive: Unlimited 2.

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@tranquilsea I was going to suggest Little Big Planet. Good call.

Do you like sports games at all?

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@Mat74UK Flower looks perfect- thanks! The one we’re looking at is a used older one, the guy says its bc but I haven’t checked the number yet.

@mrentropy Katamari is one of my favorite games. Roll around and pick up stuff? I’m so there.

I’ve been with Nintendo for so long I just don’t know many of the other platforms’ games.

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The HD is user upgradeable. You can insert any standard laptop 2.5 inch SATA HD and there are instructions included with the PS3. It takes about 10 mins and requires only that you can use a screw driver and copy the current frimware to a USB stick from the Sony site.

As for games Metal Gear 4 and Uncharted 1 and 2 are particularly good. Yeah I know they involve shooting but the important thing in both is the story. Uncharted reminds me of how I felt when I watch Indiana Jones as a kid. Wipeout HD is also good fun.

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