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What does this computer error mean, and how can I make it stop happening?

Asked by augustlan (47715points) June 10th, 2010

Every time I restart my PC, I get this error message:

The specified module could not be found.

What the heck is that about? It goes away when I click “OK”, but it’s been happening for months and it’s kind of driving me crazy. Can you tell me how to get rid of it for good?

I’m technologically challenged, so please use little words.

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I really don’t think you want M3PLUGIN.DLL, so you may want to run ccleaner on your system and see if that takes care of the problem.

From what I can see, you’ve got something that borders on being a virus (if it isn’t actually a virus). If you have an anti-virus program it probably deleted the .DLL but left the rest of the program there. So, when the program runs it can’t find the .DLL and pops up the message.

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You can google “m3plugin.dll”, download it and install it in the directory that the error reports, but make sure you find out what it does. Maybe you don’t need whatever “Mywebs” is (a program of some sort.) If that is so, you can remove it using the add-remove programs applet.

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I run ccleaner on my system regularly. It hasn’t fixed it so far. :(

I’ll try to find out what MYWEBS is…

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Look in C:\Program Files\Mywebs…\

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One way to simply get rid of it is try this:

1. Go to the start menu, and click “Run”. If you don’t have “Run”, this gets more complicated, but I’ll assume you can.

2. Enter “msconfig” in the box and hit ‘ok’

3. Go to the ‘startup’ tab, and on that list, see if you can find an entry for “M3PLUGIN.DLL”. If you find it, uncheck the box next to it. If you can’t, things get more complicated again.

4. If you did find it and uncheck, then hit okay, and restart. It should no longer appear.

This doesn’t as much fix it as hide it, but considering that you don’t notice any ill effects from not having it besides the dialog, this could help. Did you get infected by a virus recently? This may simply be a remnant, a script the virus put in to try and do something. In which case, stopping it with this is the best option.

oh, and what version of windows do you have? in case things are more complicated

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Check your PMs.

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You probably already got this taken care of, but go read this page if not:

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Thanks, you guys. I’m sure I’ll get this resolved, but if not… at least it’s just annoying!

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