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How do you connect a condenser mic to a computer?

Asked by JONESGH (3554points) June 10th, 2010

I’ve been playing music for a while (specifically acoustic guitar with vocals) and I want a small set up so I can start recording at home.

I’ve been looking at these 2 condenser mics


but I have no idea how I would connect it to my computer!
I don’t really want to buy anything too expensive to do this either such as a mixer. Is there an adapter I could use? Also the first mic says it requires phantom power and I have no idea what that is! If it helps I have a Macbook Pro


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Look up phantom power on Musicians Friend. They several different adapters for providing power to the mic.

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Many are designed to connect to the USB port. I recommend that because it’s an all in one power and audio connection.

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What you probably want is a USB or Firewire audio interface. You can get these anywhere from $60 to $500. These would be ideal for use with Garage Band (if that’s what you’re after). My sister recently wanted to try something similar. If you just want a simple audio adapter for mics they are cheaper than MIDI adapters (but not by much).

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There is a jack on your PC sound card for microphones. I’m pretty sure you can use it, but of course you’ll need some sort of recording programme (you can get several free ones online). Worst case scenario, use Windows’ generic “Sound Recorder” (under accessories/entertainment).

All you’ll need for that is a simple adapter (costs less than $1 in any music shop) because the size of the microphone cable’s jack will obviously be bigger.

I’ve never tried this setup with a condenser mike myself, but I’m pretty sure it will work (has worked with guitar cables and dynamic microphones in the past).

Also, get the microphone that doesn’t need the phantom power (you’ll have to put a battery inside). It’s much simpler since you won’t need all the extra cables.

In case you want the other one, the extra phantom power box I got cost me 40 euros.

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Thanks for the help guys. I ended up just buying this setup off of musicians friend seems like a reasonable price, all of the items separately wouldve cost me over 600 dollars

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