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Is it just me or is Fluther hosing up?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) June 10th, 2010

Like, I took a look at the transsexual in the dressing room question, then went on, then thought of something I’d like to ask. I clicked my back arrow key…and it won’t let me post a comment. It’s never done that before. But I thought maybe it was the back arrow that was the cause, so I went into my list of questions I’m following…and I couldn’t find it. Same with the Judge and the Church question. I can’t find it either…...while we’re at it, if you could send me a link to those two questions I’d appreciate it. Or just answer in them so it shows up in my current list.


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There seems to be a bug and we’ll fix it momentarily. Anything with a moderated response may have that issue.

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There are a couple of questions, that wont let you answer.

I click, and I click on [Answer!] and nothing.

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Oh. Glad to know it isn’t me. Now, @timtrueman can I have an extra question for today??!!

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What does “hosing up” mean?

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Dear God! We’ve angered the Jellies Of The Deep!

@timtrueman thanks for the quick answer, appreciate it.

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@Val123 Sadly we actually can’t do that (for technical reasons it’s set for everyone and not at an individual level) but don’t worry it’s only per 12 hours (not 24 hours).

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Well!! I’ll just post all the questions and comments that I have for those other threads here!

1)This may be a dumb question, but I’ve never been afraid of asking a dumb question.
What is the difference between a transsexual, a transgendered, and a transvestite? I can’t answer this question until I know what the individual’s sexual orientation is. If he’s not the least bit interested in women sexually, then who would care? But if he IS interested in women sexually, then he shouldn’t be in there.

2) I did something I don’t usually have the patience to do, and read through this whole thread from the beginning. There was an excellent point made and it got lost, and that is this issue has the danger of overshadowing a far, far more serious issue, and that is @Jades daughter got a DUI. It was, as she noted ”(her first.)” Well, I’ll tell you what, if my kid got a DUI I’d ask the judge to throw her in book camp for a YEAR and have Mao Zedong yelling communist propaganda through a loud speak 24/7!!
I agree that the judge was wrong, but I sure wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, and I certainly would NOT let my daughter know that I thought he was wrong!

3) You just don’t know what’s important @Rooeytoo! (It feels weird to even mention what we were talking about outside of that thread! It uh, had to do with sinks. And girls. And girls in sinks. And things. Weird things like that.)

So there. I feel much better!

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@perspicacious Where are you from? It’s just one of those thingers we American’s use that doesn’t really make any sense, like saying “The campfire is so cool!.” Well, it’s not cool, it’s HOT, but we aren’t talking about temperature. We’re talking about positive emotion when we use the word that way.

When something gets “hosed” or “hosed up,” it means it’s a mess, or something’s gone wrong. Have no idea where it came from! Except I do imagine a kink in a hose, which stops the flow of water, whenever I use the term. A person can also be a hoser. Which is the same thing, pretty much, as a loser. Not to be confused with a Hoosier as that is someone from Nebraska. See?

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@timtrueman I know! Give EVERYBODY one extra question for today, and tell them it was because of me! And then they will cheer for me and maybe give me a 11378K party! :))

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@Val123 I’m in the USA, but have never heard “hosing up.” I had no idea what it meant. I’ve also never heard that the campfire is so cool, unless you mean it’s cool like good

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Hm. Maybe it’s just a midwestern thing? Yes, I meant cool as in neat, or good.

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Sounds crazy. A little scary. @Rarebear It figures you’d be in your lab instead of a Grateful Dead concert! Geek.

(If other people start posting their responses to threads that they can’t post in, this could get vewy strange!)

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Fixed now.

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Ah! Well, that’s good. It would have been interesting to see the hodge podge of answers people could have posted in here for safekeeping, until they could answer the question!

Thanks @andrew.

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It’s still doing it…..I was unable to post in here

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For the record, I’m American and I’ve heard of things being hosed. But I have NEVER ever heard “hosing up”.

What does that even mean ? Why the up ? Up where ? Makes no sense at all to me :)

That’s the reason I clicked on this weird Q to begin with. I just had to find out what hosing up meant :)

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@Buttonstc You guys are making me cry!! Things getting hosed doesn’t make any more sense than things getting hosed UP or even things getting screwed up, because when things go awry, screws or a screwing motion have nothing to do with it! And….I think I’m getting in over my head! I’m screwed. I’m hosed. I’m jacked. :))

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I’ve forever used phrases like, “This thing is hosed!” meaning it’s fubar, messed up, screwed up, broken. I just assumed “hosing up” was in the same vein.

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