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Just won an ice cream from a radio show contest. Have you ever won anything?

Asked by zenele (8242points) June 10th, 2010

Not very impressive prize, I know. But it was fun to call in and be the first to find the connection between three songs played. Lame prize – just arrived in the mail – a card for an ice cream cone. At least there’s no expiration date on it. It looks like those Get out of jail free cards from monopoly.

Anyhow… what’ve you won?

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Trips and cash for my Halloween costumes and awards and cash for my artwork ,a free carwash and a partridge in a pear treeeeee :)

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College basketball game just for calling in and talking during a sports radio show and a book for leaving a comment on a blog.

Oh yeah, and Radio Show of the Year when I was in college.

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I won a carton of soft drinks when I was a kid, but I was too shy to go forward to get them. Do you guys believe that?

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I won a CD once, but in order to get it, I had to drive an hour to go pick it up. I forget which CD it was now (this was a few years ago).

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Ten years ago i joined in radio quizzes all the time and strangely won quite often.
The contests were off cryptic, witty and the general knowledge type, and i won cinema tickets, theatre tickets, an umbrella, a beach pillow with built-in radio, and two inscripted plates.
The same quiz where they ask for witty answers is still on, but some years ago i just lost the ability to do them…

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I won tickets to the premier showing of Halloween H20 from the radio, years back. It was epic.

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I once won this big-ass teddy bear from a middle school door prize…that’s about it. Exciting, I know.

But one of my friends just recently won tickets and backstage passes to a Taylor Swift concert, which is a pretty awesome prize.

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I won a dirtbike at my dad’s company picnic. That was 4 or 5 years ago (I eventually grew into the bike…it took 2 or 3 years), and this is the first year since I grew into it that I haven’t used it. Now my sister uses it. That’s the only thing anybody in our family has ever won.

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I have won an award for getting all advances on my CST. I’m still in 7th grade. Lol.

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I won a talent show some years ago. In hindsight, Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna probably wasn’t the best song choice for a 4 year old!

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@Desidummy Welcome to fluther.

@Leanne1986 That’s really cute and a little disturbing. JK.

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I’m pretty lucky at winning things. It started when I was a kid. We lived in a small town, actually a very small township outside an even smaller town. I remember winning an Easter basket with a huge Hershey bar when I was a kid from a drawing at the only local pharmacy. I won a ribbon for a pumpkin I entered into a township fair. That same township would have bingo every Thanksgiving and 2 years in a row I won turkeys. Then when I was about 10 I bought a button that had a number on it and if they drew your number you’d win $50, and I won that. I won a Nintendo game by entering a second chance drawing on a candy wrapper in the 80s, but I didn’t have a Nintendo so I gave it away as a Christmas gift to my cousins who did. I would often win things like CDs, board games, etc. from a local radio station some times for being caller x, some times for answering trivia questions. When I was in high school I sent in a set of songs to a radio station and they played my set and gave me free pizzas. I won a party for 20 people at a comedy club…twice. Then after I moved to the big city, I have won a few sets of concert tickets…Rush, Primus, Aerosmith & Kiss, Franz Ferdinand (didn’t get to go to that one), Jet & The Vines (including a pizza party and a pre show soundcheck), The Donnas & The Von Blondies, Bonnie Raitt & Keb Mo, The Honeydogs, Fiona Apple & Damien Rice, Jim Gaffigan, and even a live Sesame Street performance I took my son to when he was about 4. I’ve won several records, cassettes, CDs, videos, DVDs, T-shirts, movie passes, books, stuff like that. I have won tickets to things and sold them, like a tennis exhibition with Anna Kournikova (sp? – I’m not a tennis fan), and things I didn’t use like a limo ride. I once won $20 in a Karoke contest at my wife’s work’s Halloween party. And two of my favorites, one was 3 CDs by Queen and Brian May, signed by the band (everyone but Freddie as he was long dead by then), and one year I got up beastly early for Black Friday, and stood in line at a used bookstore where they were giving away free shopping bags to the first 100 customers, 99 of the bags included a $5 gift card and one bag included a $250 gift card…I won the $250. I’ve also won at gambling a few times, I usually tend to win more than I lose gambling, because I’m pretty conservative with my bets and know how to quit when I’m ahead. All in all I’ve won some pretty great stuff. I figure, if I get a chance to win something, I’ll take it, worst I can do is not win.

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More luck today. I won 2 tickets to a 3 day rock festival with about 15 big name bands playing full sets, plus a second and third stage with local bands, each ticket costs $160 (before any ticketing fees). Then a few hours later, I won almost $400 cash at a fundraiser for my wife’s work. Best….4th…..ever.

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That’s great @dalepetrie!

I just won the mariner award.

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@zenele – well, of course, Fluther awards are sweeeeet.

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