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Why can't I reply to this question?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) June 10th, 2010

I just typed a super long response to this and then discovered hitting the “answer” button does nothing. What’s up?

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That happened to me once and I figured that it must have been me…something I accidentally hit. But, I hit the back button and there it was. Whew.

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Hmm.. I wish the back button worked here. This one is weird in that there is a strange “Response moderated” row between the last question and the text box, and the Live Preview does not happen….

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This was just discussed in another thread as a bug they are working on.

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It says it it being modded. I thought we weren’t supposed to give actual answers to homework questions….

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Maybe you were logged off when you answered. Try logging in.

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Fixed now.

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@janbb Ahh, thanks.
@Trillian It didn’t say it was being modded earlier…maybe they pulled it just now?
@ChazMaz thanks for the link. I’d never heard of ‘hosed up’ either, lol
@anartist Nah, I was logged in.
@andrew cool thx

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