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What are you supposed to think about humanity when you discover that many people are BS artists?

Asked by lopezpor (241points) June 10th, 2010

Discovering hypocrites is one of the most disheartening things ever… It can get me depressed because then I start doubting the good in people… So what are you supposed to believe about humanity?

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I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly sure what this question is about. Just people lying in general? Big companies? Politics?

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@RocketSquid just lying in general… hypocrisy…

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My Father has always been my inspiration. He always used to say “People are no Damn good” I’m afraid he was right.

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@majorrich but aren’t we to have a little faith in humankind? When do we know when to trust? Should be on guard all the time?

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I have learned to think that I must select my friends and associates with care.

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For every bullshit artist, con artist & piss artist there are a thousand cool folks who drown those deluded fuckers out.

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I am a very guarded person, and sensitive by nature. Sooner or later everyone will fail.

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Human beings, like all things, have a nature. When human beings do not meet your expectations, there may be many reasons. One of those reasons is that your expectations may be contrary to human nature. There is an all too common tendency, especially in our time, to talk about how people should be, rather than recognize how they are. Imagine that you plan a picnic, but it rains. It would be a waste of time to gripe that it should be a sunny day. The only real choice is to make alternate plans. Likewise, human beings universally have traits that occasionally disappoint others, especially those others who believe that human nature does not acually exist, that it is merely a social convention. But it does exist, and it is not always what you like. Nothing you can do about that. So you have to judge humanity in total, and not just based on the fact that humans occasionally are disappointing or bewildering. In general, human beings are heroic creatures, doing a pretty decent job of surviving as a species, and accomodating their social milieu. Being selfish, often to the exclusion of others interests, is part of the nature of man. It is healthier to recognize it, and work around it, rather than imagine it will change for your sake or that it somehow should be different.

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I think there are more good people than jerks. Problem is, the good people stay put in their circles while the jerks have to move around constantly because people get tired of their using/lying/abusive ways. They will be “friends” with someone for a few months, then move on once the victim wises up to the con. So I think sometimes it feels like everyone is a bullshit artist- but really it’s just the minority.

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@gemiwing good point.

Yeah, I already lost faith in all of humanity by the age of 12 anyway, so I just dismiss them BSers with dry, nonchalant cynicism.

Actually, I dismiss everything with dry, nonchalant cynicism….

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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

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I tend to tread very carefully when meeting new people!! :-/

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@YARNLADY and sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes your the bug. :) C’est la vie.

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I like that!! ;-/

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@Scooby Yes, I do too; it sums the vagaries of life up pretty nicely. It’s from a song. Here’s the Dire Straits version and here’s Mary Chapin Carpenter’s version, which I like just as much even the this video isn’t all that good, but it’s the only one they had on youtube.

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You are supposed to believe that people are human and therefore flawed and fallible. If you want perfection go look at a Leonardo. Real life is messy and so are people. Accept that people will let you down, place your trust carefully, and rejoice when you find that your trust has not been misplaced.
The only guarantee you can have is death.

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;-) Thanks for that! I’m really chuffed, cheers!!!! for taking the time!

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@Scooby Are you British? I had to look that one up; I didn’t know what “chuffed” meant and found it here. I’m still not exactly sure what it means. :)

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Really pleased! ;-)

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@Scooby Thank you! I’m chuffed that you took the time to clarify that for me and that I now know another little bit of British slang. :)

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Ya welcome!! ;-)
& yes I’m from Northern England! ;-) well someone has to be, Lol……. xx

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And I’m from Delaware, U.S.A. and as you said… well someone has to be. lolx2

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Stop worrying about all of humanity and worry about your own conduct.

Be what you say you want to see in others…that’s all…then let it go and only keep company with quality people.


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@Coloma Exactly! If I could give you 10 great answers for that one I would.

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Depressed? How old are you?

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you’ll supposed to think that humanity is just a beautiful illusion people use to make them part of something bigger than they are.
The truth is that all this humanity thing is just something stupid to trick the fools.
If you want to be happy stop believing in such things.Always think that every human is bad and he can never change and you will be ok.You’ll never suffer because some idiot disappointed you

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