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Would You Go for a Stroll Where a Mountain Lion Was Spotted?

Asked by Aster (19974points) June 10th, 2010

We once lived in a community that was heavily wooded. Two ladies came over to pick up clothes for the homeless and , soon afterwards, called me and said they saw a 100 lb mountain lion crossing the road near our house. They would go out looking for deer of
which there were many. Still, people would go
walking alone. Would you?

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Hell no. Brave or not – that just isn’t smart. Unless you dont mind being one of those victims.

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Not without a weapon—and my mother-in-law wearing a porkchop necklace—hehehehehheheheeh!

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these cats have a 100 mile range for hunting and exist in almost all non-urban areas west of the mississippi and all of south america. Unless you want to remain in the city your whole life, you can’t escape them.

Luckily they don’t like humans and attacks are very rare. Go ahead an be pananoid, the wilderness will just be a little less crowded for myself.

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wikipedia says bee stings and lightning cause more deaths than mountain lions each year.

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I would most likely wait a few days until he decided this wasn’t good hunting territory but afterwards I’d live life as normal.

I wouldn’t be allowing any small pets out unsupervised though. I’d also make sure I had some type of noisemaker as they dislike that.

Around here there have been numerous coyote sightings. My cat is always indoor only but my landlord has a Shitzu and always goes out with him, as I did when dogsitting when he was out of town.

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Hell yeah, and I’d bring the camera with me.

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Sure. Though you’re not supposed to go hiking alone.
@Buttonstc has a good point with the noisemaker. Most predators just aren’t that interested in humans, and will leave you be if you give them warning.

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Sure, statistically you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting attacked let alone even seeing one. Odds are also that I have walked by quite a few who were watching me and not even knew it. Not even one death per year on average in whole of North America. Check out the numbers here

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The only situation in which you would have to be concerned about a cougar/mountain lion attack is if the animal has been injured and is unable to hunt it’s regular prey, or if the animal is a released pet (which happens a lot more often that you might expect). It’s tremendously more likely that you would never see or be aware of the presence of such a shy and secretive animal.

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In 25 years not one person had ever been attacked or approached by a cougar in the area. But cougars HAVE been sighted from time to time and they can leap 20 feet. The place where I read people are killed and dragged away, including one teenager on a bicycle, is in British Columbia. One grandmother hammered at one to get it off her granddaughter. A teenage boy was killed when one jumped on his back when he was peddling home from a restaurant in BC.

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@Aster Popular Mechanics did a short article last year about a vest that, when activated, would deliver massive electrical shocks to whoever touched it. Might be handy.

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@Nullo What if the wearer of the vest touched it? lol

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wild animals are called wild and live in the wild for a reason…that said my psychiatrist tells me it is good to do something daring occasionally…must ask him exactly what he means by daring though….

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@tadpole Interesting comment he had. He meant take risks in life, spice things up. Not risk life and limb. Get outta your rut and go sky diving, for instance. Jumping on a bike is my limit of risk taking at the moment. lol

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@Aster actually my comment was meant in jest, about a supposed lack of joie de vivre but a need for strict guidelines on behaviour!...oh well, lost in translation! funny thing is i do have a psychiatrist, though i don’t exactly see him much, and he probably would say something like this, though with the qualifications about wild animals :-)

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