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How to record on-computer conversations?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) June 10th, 2010

I’m going to run a role playing game through the use of skype or possibly Voxli computer voice services. I want to know how I can record both my voices and the voices from the other players. I want to make a record of our sessions for others to listen in on.

I don’t care if the recording picks up any other sounds my computer makes. In fact, that would be cool.


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If you have a system mike you can do it natively. If you need to plug in a mike, use your sound system applet.

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Pamela for Skype
Features include
* Skype Call Recording
* Skype Video Recording
* Skype Chat Recording
* Skype Call Transfer

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Copy and paste notepad and save
never mind—misread

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@dpworkin I plug in a mic for myself. What do you mean by using my sound system applet? I have a PC, windows 7.

@jaytkay I’ll look into it

@anartist lol, no problem.

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@jaytkay it looks like you only get free recording for 15 minutes. Is that true or am I reading it wrong?

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@Iclamae I’m not sure if the call time is limited, it’s been a while since I used Pamela. And I was only recording 1–2 minute answering machine messages.

There is a free version, so the cost is right for experimenting.

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I ended up going with CallGraph. It’s a free extension for Skype with unlimited recording.

That means I can only record skype phone calls and not all the sounds on my computer but that’ll due for my purposes.

Thanks guys!

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i would also suggest pamela for skype…you can find it on the skype website in the shop or accessories section…last time i looked there was a free version and a paid one, but the paid one looked pretty reasonable….oh, you’ve already decided…never mind!

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I don’t liked Pamela at all. I can suggest you IMCapture)

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