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How do you make an essay have double spacing on the new microsoft?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) June 10th, 2010

I need my essay to be double spaced and I’ve tried practically everything. I’ve tried format , I’ve tried page setup format. But when I try those the paragraph option isn’t there. I’ve highlighted and right clicked. Its the new Microsoft, so anyone who knows please help!

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Do you mean Microsoft Word? If so, go up to the box along the top labelled “Paragraph.” In the lower right corner you will see an arrow—push it. Then go to line spacing and there is a drop-down box. Select the appropriate choice (you may have to highlight your entire document and then make this selection), but that should work.

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If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 for Windows, click on the Page Layout tab at the top.

The Ribbon at the top includes “Spacing”.

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@jaytkay, I’ve looked all over the tool bars, and I can’t find a page layout tab

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Here’s how it looks on my screen, I circled Page Layout and Spacing.

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My Microsoft word doesn’t look like that, I remember it use to but it changed somehow. I don’t have that circular button in the upper left hand corner, sorry if I’m a bother.

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Go to the home page. In the second box on the bar it is labeled “paragraph”. you will see four different justifications, left, center, etc. Right next to that is a little box with two blue up and down arrows. Click it. You’ll see the options, and you can choose 2.0.

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RE @jaytkay ‘s advice—are you on the “page layout” menu? Whichever tab is pushed down will show you a different menu. @Trillian ‘s tip works if you are on the “home” menu.
menu tabs in order
home——insert——page layout——references——mailings——review——view——acrobat

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Hit Ctrl+a, then hit Ctrl+2. Done. Keyboard shortcuts are the way to go, when they can’t leave the drop-down menus alone.

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