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What bands/artists should retire?

Asked by DeanV (14193points) June 10th, 2010

Now now, don’t get me wrong, I like The Who, but especially watching their Super Bowl performances, I kinda realized that they’re kinda weak now. I mean, no Keith Moon, no John Entwhistle, it’s not even really The Who anymore.

So what bands/artists do you think should retire because they’re past their prime/just are awful?

And don’t say Nickleback. We already know.

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The Rolling Stones are considering touring again. Please don’t.
Paul McCartney can tour, but please, no more new material. Your good years are many good years gone.
Thank God Aerosmith seems like they finally quit.

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What @filmfann said. Why does David Bowie seem still great and able to pull it off and Mick just looks like a jerk?

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@Trillian Genes can’t be argued. Leonard Cohen is 75 going on 40. His almost three hour concert is like wow! Elton John is 60 – like a 20 year old – except he can’t hit the high notes anymore.

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Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs. never heard of them? how about their hit song “Stay”. its still a great song recorded in Nashville in 1960. but these guys really do need to pull the plug on entertainment. their song was and is still great, but their showmanship is heading for the wheelchairs. give it up!

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AC/DC. Seriously, they’re like 90 years old. Send them to the nursing home.

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I don’t necessarily think she should retire but I definately think Madonna needs to stop wearing leotards!

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Every dead musician releasing new music gives me the creeps, whether it’s Bob Marley, Elvis or Micheal Jackson.. If you can’t find retirement in death, when will your career end? Edit: And Tupac obviously as @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities mentions

Living artists: If the new Killers album isn’t going back towards the sound of “Sam’s town”, they can retire for all I care. And I was a big fan of the Red Hot Chillipepper’s around the time they released “Californication” and “By the Way”, but it all went downhill for them after those albums.

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Bands should retire when they can’t write or make good music anymore. If they’re getting old they need to also take into consideration what clothing they wear and do NOT wear what they did especially in the 80’s! HA!

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