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What other fields of study involve neuroscience besides a doctor?

Asked by laurenmaz (14points) June 10th, 2010

i love to learn about why and how things work or do what they do but im not sure if i can handle the work load! what other jobs are there out there that are in relation to neuroscience

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Research psychologist? biopsychology neuropsychology psychophysiology
see Princeton links
neuropsychology and artificial intelligence?

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i do want to stick with the neuroscience basics but i dont know what to do? research? is there anything else?

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Did you look at the Princeton links? there are a lot of ideas there.

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check out Duke’s department

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Medical imaging, specifically MRI and PET, also mollecular imaging.

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i did look at the princeton link thanks alot that did helpp but im not really interested in the whole physcology thing thanks for your help though!

and what is pharmaology?

do you possibly know if the mollecular imaging start out as a good salary?

thanks guys for all the help!:)

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i did check out the duke website it looks very interesting! i want to see it but a warning thing poped up when i tried to click on something on the page saying that i was not able to reach the link with the server i have?

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Check out the various jobs you might like on the Bureau of labor Statistics site

@laurenmaz pharmacistss are in extreme demand right now. [pharmacology data blended with other stuff].
Physiologists investigate the effect of drugs on body functions and vital processes. Pharmacologists and zoologists study the effects of drugs on animals. Virologists grow viruses, and develop vaccines and test them in animals.

Various medical imaging jobs to explore

”:“psychology including neuropsychology:

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thanks so much that was tonsss of help!!!

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