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What are the most interesting jobs you've seen for English majors?

Asked by figbash (7468points) March 17th, 2008

I know that getting your B.A. in English is pretty much a blank slate, but do you know of any fascinating jobs that specifically require a degree in English?

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English is useful for most jobs, but a degree in it is required for few. You can combine an interest with the degree to get a job writing or editing in another field, and so get experience with that field. So, for example editors for interesting enterprises. Teaching English to people in foreign countries. Writing jobs. It could be useful for a consistency person for drama/film productions (or other positions in dramatics).

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Technical writing can be very lucrative. Google hires people out of college for those positions. If you have computer savvy or can fake like you do, put in an application with them.

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Oh, it’s not for me.

I’m just curious about the different routes such a generic degree (sorry) can take and if any fascinating jobs can come out of it. Obviously adventure/travel writer etc. would be slam dunks but I’m wondering if there are fields I’ve never heard of.

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I can’t think of the name for these companies but – they are companies that arrange conventions for companies. Hire staff to run things and hire temps etc. They travel and meet the public. Sales may be another way to go. Some represent several companies and get to places all over the place. A lot depends on what you find interesting. A DOD teaching job can be interesting.

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@NVOldGuy would that be event management?

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