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Where can I buy designer denim by the yard?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) June 10th, 2010

I can’t find anywhere that sells designer fabric by the yard. Does anyone know where I can buy some high quality denim, so I can sew my own blue jeans?

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I think they are only “designer” because of someone’s name sewn on the pocket. You should be able to buy good denim at most fabric stores. I used to sew jean jackets- not Levi rivets and all- colored, patterned denim. Blue jean denim is a particular cotton fabric died a particular blue. This is not google knowledge though.

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Try Denim Fabric at

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There are def. better and worse denims. Fabric store denim is not as good as my Banana Republic jeans. I am not saying that if the designer didn’t put a stamp on it it isn’t good, but I know there are different grades and that fabric stores have some pretty shabby grades.

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Fabric is fabric; the “designer” aspect comes from who makes a garment and puts their name on it.

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@perspicacious Sorry, you are mistaken. Designers design fabric and charge big bucks for it.

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@YARNLADY Don’t be sorry. I haven’t spent much time in fabric stores in years, so I wasn’t aware. Thanks

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Joann Fabrics and Crafts always has a huge selection.

Hopefully there’ s one nearby to you. They usually have a huge selection of all types of fabrics, even the heavyweight designer ones for furniture and draperies. I can’t imagine you not finding what you need

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@buttonstc the denim there is inferior

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Just for curiosity, inferior to what ?

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Denim used by most designers, even wrangler has better denim!

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But are they available to consumers ?
Obviously if a person wants to do their own sewing and not pay through the nose for store prices, that’s what is available.

Kinda doubtful if you call up the headquarters of Wranglers or some designer that they’ll tell you to come right on over and they’ll sell you a few yards.

I’ve never looked specifically at the denim fabric at Joanns but I’ve spent quite a bit of time with their furniture quality designer fabrics and they are definitely not inferior. Same quality as found on custom made furniture, NOT slipcovers.

THAT’S what I was basing my reco on. I’ve shopped for fabric at several places like A. C. Moore, Michaels and even Walmart and most of their fabric is the type you speak of.

But Js is different in my experience. But if you assume that all fabric stores are alike, then I guess Banana Republic or Wranglers is your only recourse.

You know the old saying about assuming…

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