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How do you think the latest AT&T security breach will affect consumer confidence?

Asked by jerv (31044points) June 10th, 2010

As I am sure many of the geekier Flutherites know, AT&T got “Goatsed” and at least 114,000 people got their e-mail addresses exposed even after Steve Jobs bragged about privacy.

What I want to know is how this will affect people and technology.
Will Apple end their AT&T exclusivity and go to other networks?
Will people still trust Apple? Or AT&T?
Will this sour people on portable connectivity solutions in general?
Will people even notice or care?

What do you think that this whole mess spells for the future?

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All of your questions are yet to be answered. Having said that, I cannot understand how Apple can go forward with their AT&T exclusivity.

Past breaches have left me feeling a little technologically naked. So, I tread rather softly over the wireless world.

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I think Apple’s brand is so strong that this will be a minor blip. AT&T’s brand isn’t as strong right now. If I were them, I would consider a re-branding study.

I don’t see Apple leaving their contract with AT&T any time soon. We will all start feeling the pinch as more people get smart phones and take up more wireless room- the growth crunch, I call it.

People are at a point where they expect everything to be wireless or connected in some way. Think of an eReader. It’s to read books on, yes? Then people complained there wasn’t a way to get online, listen to music, email and blogs… I seriously don’t see that trend reversing on a global scale anytime soon.

What I think will happen is the influx of smartphones will tax the wireless data grid we have until enough adopters and infrastructure to handle the new demand. Soon gripes will arise about Sprint, TMobile, VZN etc. Early adopters should be used to the headaches- laser disk anyone?

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Not really sure how Apple is at fault. Steve Jobs is not a part of AT&T. As a matter of fact, the iPad (device in question) is not locked to AT&T.

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My personal take on the situation is that (most) people who already have AT&T as their carrier won’t care so much whereas people that were thinking of starting a new account with them will be questionable about it.

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@gtreyger Technically true, but the iPhone is an AT&T exclusive and thus Steve Jobs is linked to AT&T albeit in a convoluted way strongly enough that in a world where perception is reality, that would mean that Apple is at least partly to blame. Facts really have nothing to do with it!

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@jerv Facts have nothing to do with religion. Smart people use facts. Sheep go on perception.

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