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Does Fluther have separate system integration testing and user acceptance testing environments?

Asked by mattbrowne (31595points) June 11th, 2010

I’m asking this question because of


I lost a couple of answers too yesterday.

So when the programmers make a change or fix a bug does this go straight to the production environment when unit testing is complete?

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We have a staging environment (of course). We’ve long since abandoned Javascript-based test suites. We had a two javascript bugs that slipped through—one which only affected IE 6 and 7, and another that only affected non-moderators on questions that had new moderations.

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I wish I could know what the hell you guys are talking about, because it sounds very interesting!

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Thanks @andrew. And it affected Firefox as well. At least my version of it. Answer button didn’t work.

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@Val123 – Think of it as childbirth education classes when expecting Moms and Dads use dolls to practice changing diapers. Then the diaper vendor modifies the product. How do you tests this? With a doll? Or a real baby? Turns out Fluther used a doll first. But only doll sizes with body heights 21.3 inches – 25.2 inches. Then the real Moms and Dads (you and I) tried out the new diaper and our babies were 27 inches.

The diapers failed. And there was a small mess. And a recall. And a fix. And perhaps an internal note of the diaper vendor to try 27-inch dolls next time as well. The problem is 28-inch babies 3 months old. They are so rare. Check out this and find out why

The number of browser versions out there create a nightmare sometimes. Then combine this with Javascript versions and plug ins… Our company has to deal with this as well, for example when testing new releases of our online banking applications.

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Thank you, Matt. Um, yesterday I acidentally “broke” a thread by typing in random upper case characters like #$% and stuff. Well, after I did it everything in the thread was bold! I noticed that in the middle of my characters was the </strong> code that somehow got inserted, I guess by some mystical combination of character keys. Here’s what I figured out. I started the sentence with *, which turned bolding on. The it got turned off by the magical HTML code that appeared. However, at the end of my sentence I had a * to counter act my first *....and THAT turned it back on. Well, then I got thinking and looked up some HTML codes for colors and tried to type in different colors. Didn’t work. Just now I tried physically typing <strong> code on a word, and it didn’t work. So does Fluther use HTML, or not?

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@Val123 We use Textile which is converted to HTML on the backend.

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Hey! The plus signs automatically inserted the question! Boy the things I could do with that! (Not!)



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