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Is the Gulf of Mexico in international or US waters?

Asked by xxii (3321points) June 11th, 2010

Question is self-explanatory. Thanks!

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Yes and yes. The U.S. has mineral rights that extend to the edge of the continental shelf. Beyond the 12-mile limit established for International shipping, the U.S. does not have jurisdiction on surface vessels or marine life.

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Territorial waters extend out 12 miles from the low water line with an additional 12 miles for law enforcement and then out to 200 miles for exclusive economic use. Then there are “customary territorial limits” which certain countries often “claim an historical” ownership of certain bays and gulfs.

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Okay. So is the oil spill in US waters or international waters? Isn’t there a definite answer to this question?

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The drilling was in US waters. The oil spill is now also affecting Cuban territorial waters but from the pictures I’ve seen it doesn’t seem to be in Mexican territorial waters yet.

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Thank you!

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