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Should I get the white, or black new iPhone 4?

Asked by stevenb (3826points) June 11th, 2010 from iPhone

I can’t decide which one to get. I am worried about which will show dirt and wear less. I also don’t know which will hide sawdust, etc. better. I think in general the black might easier to keep looking nice, and looks sleeker, but the white looks clean. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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A phone is not a fashion statement. The back of your phone will spend the vast majority of its time in your pocket or in the palm of your hand. How could it possibly matter?

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It’s sleeker and classier.

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It’s not a fashion statement, but I am concerned which will stay looking good longer, show less wear, etc. I should have put that in the details section, but I am still half asleep.

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Black, I think. It will stand out less in your hand.

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@stevenb okay, that makes sense. In that case, I vote black. I have the white-backed iPhone 3GS, and the various scratches that come from normal use are very obvious.

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Get the one with the alarm clock. (What color is your skin? Do you want the phone to blend in or contrast?)

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Ah, Gail! You make me
smile. The alarm clock is built into my new kitten, who likes to jump on my head at 6:13 every morning.

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@stevenb: So, get a phone that coordinates with the new kitten. Congratulations; what’s his name?

(I sleep only on my side. At odd hours during the night, Milo tries to nap on the bony ridge of the side of my pelvis and rib cage. It’s like napping on a picket fence. He lasts just long enough to wake me up.)

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There is glass covering both the front and back so wear should be equal between the two. I’m a bigger fan of the black because the white pictures I’ve seen make it look plasticky and cheap. Sure, it could just be the pictures but… I actually think the white would hide things like sawdust better though. It’s a light color and sawdust is some what light itself most of the time. I think it would stand out against the black more.

EDIT: Think of a black car vs. a white car. A white car is MUCH easier to keep clean because black shows everything.

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but i don’t know why

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Purely based on aesthetics, I like the black. Many of the gadgetry orifices are dark and with a black case, they blend in for a more minimalist appearance.

For day-to-day though, I’d need to consider getting the white. Phones end up in dark places: purses, backpacks, under theater seats, etc. For an expensive phone where I’m locked in on a 2 year contract and my whole digital life is tied into it, I want to be able to see/find that thing now and not worry about losing it all the time.

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White iPhones are for chicks. It had to be said.

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I’m quite happy with the black one but mine has zero scratches or signs of wear.

The first time I dropped the slippery thing (fortunately on soft carpeting) I realized that it would be forever slipping out of my pockets or hands unless I put a case on it.

So I got one in black soft neoprene and it has just enough texture to prevent that sort of stuff. For less than $20 I got the best insurance against accidental damage.

Whenever I’m ready to sell it, it will be in absolutely pristine condition. When I got a gander at how much it costs to replace a cracked screen, (might as well buy another phone) I was really glad for my decision.

$20 vs. $200 ? Yeah I made the right decision :)

And when I’m ready to upgrade to the 4G I’ll be doing the same exact thing.

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I have the white 3G. Get the black 4G. The white one looks like an HTC or Sony phone.

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@MrItty The colour of the iPhone 4 is applied to both sides of the phone:

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@richardhenry… I did not know that. Well that’s ugly as sin. Thank you. Yes, go with the black.

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Agreed with @andrew. I have the white iPhone 3G and love it. This new white iPhone 4 is fugly. I’ll definitely be getting a black iPhone 4.

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Just to clarify my earlier statement, the 3GS white iPhone is ok for guys, but the new all-white iPhone 4 is for chicks.

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Think about the colour of the case you will want, then device colour won’t be too important!

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Thanks all!

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I ended up getting the black. Hopefully it doesn’t hold dust too bad. I do have a pouch/case I carry it in, so maybe that will do the trick. Did any of you get a new phone?

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@stevenb Everyone is getting the black unless they can wait until they are ”available later this summer”.

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@timtrueman, I believe so. I kept hearing that you could get white from Radioshack, but, well, it IS radioshack. I doubt the reliability. I also swear that when I pre-ordered mine at 12:32 am that they had white ones available. I checked back later and the option was gone.

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