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What is the school subject you hate/used to hate the most and why?

Asked by mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe (1478points) June 11th, 2010

I hate all school subjects, but Ancient Greek is the WORST!
what about you? what’s the one you hate? :p

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Gym or P.E.

Edit to add why: Mostly it was because I hated competing physically.

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I hated math for the longest time. Then one day I realized that I actually liked math, but that I wasn’t very good at it and would quickly become frustrated.

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Woodwork :¬( I made a stool once which, had anyone had the misfortune to sit on it, would have certainly ended up rupturing one or more buttocks.A shocking attempt at carpentry, jesus that was one bad job.

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@marinelife I hate that one too, but I think it’s because my teacher really hates me

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I hated it so much that I skipped most of the classes in my Jr. year ( abiut a hundred years ago now, lol )

I made up the credits by working in the schools office for my entire senior year. haha

I hate organized sports…ugh!

The torture of playing flag football in the mud was just too much for this little old princess. haha

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History. I thought it was pointless. Still kind of do.
It was also always the one blemish on my report card.

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P.E, I had no interest in team sports and that’s what the school put emphasis on. I would show up for roll call, then disappear. No one bothered to look for me because they really didn’t want me playing anyway. Fortunately, the grade in P.E was not averaged into the GPA.

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I hated cooking class.
I still don’t like to cook.

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It’d be either P.E., Math, or Spelling.
P.E. because I’m not athletic at all and I get really out of breath because of mild asthma.
Math because it’s just so confusing.
Spelling because I’m good at it! I know that sounds weird, but I finished 12th grade spelling curriculum in 4th grade and reviewed the whole curriculum in 5th. Now this year for the end-of-the-year tests I scored post-highschool grade levels (got enough right that it was like somebody out of highschool had been taking the test) in all my subjects except spelling. In that I got 12th grade levels. I guess it was because I was bored with it. My family teased me about that. So I don’t like spelling because I’m good at it.

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Math. Numbers are static in my head. Oh, and Economics and Government. That’s where I first learned to hate my country because of how back-asswards it is.

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@ChocolateReigns I know what you mean about hating classes that you’re very good at. I didn’t start really being challenged until grad school.

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Chemistry. They put me in Honors Chem and I didn’t have a clue what was going on all year. Luckily, the smartest kid in the school was my lab partner.

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Art History, Math at freshmen year, and statistics
Art history because I think it’s just fucking useless to me. I can just go to the Met.
I already learned freshmen year math, which is basically algebra and graphs, so it annoyed me that I had to do all of it again instead of learning new stuff.
Statistics was too easy for me. The only reason I took it was because it was a “college course”. What a load of bullshit.
EDIT: Oh and Gym. I think I get enough exercise walking a mile from my house to the school and vice versa

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Math and Physic. I believe we all have different talent and weaknesses.

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I hated German the teacher was an ass!

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Any sports….. because I was useless…. and not interested!!!

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I don’t know, I liked almost everything. Physics was probably my least favorite subject. Just too hard. I had to really work to get an A-, which was new to me. I found it very difficult and although most of it was interesting, I found it a very convoluted and tedious subject. People I knew who were used to straight A’s got B’s in physics. It was a GPA killer.

Foreign language and English were always my favorite classes. For the most part, I liked P.E. because I was good at the sports and it was fun to play them, especially sports like badminton and basketball. Math got pretty tedious toward the end and it became less “fun”, so that (Calculus specifically) could’ve been my second least favorite subject. I was still good at it, but just because I was good at it, doesn’t mean I liked it. I loved it during algebra, geometry, and even pre-calc, but calculus, especially toward the end of the class, just became a chore.

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Math i didn’t understand (still don’t).
Chemistry i didn’t understand (still don’t, but more interested in it though).
German i hated (due to being forced-fed anti-German sentiments, after i found out that Germans are likeable people just like you and me, i liked it better and it interests me more).

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I hated algebra with a passion. I excelled at everything except for that. My algebra teacher couldn’t figure out why I sucked so bad, but then there was chemistry, and geometry which proved I could
learn math in a practicle way. Besides, what am I going to do with the slope of a line?

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English! Not real crazy about English Lit (enjoyed English Lit in college as i had a great teacher!) Not real crazy about World History! Loved American History! Really enjoyed Chemistry…had a great teacher!

do you want to go through every subject i took in high school and college? didn’t think so!

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I like English as a subject, but I hate the teacher, she’s one of the biggest bitches of the world

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@mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe is she related to Ann Coulter?

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@BoBo1946 lol no but she’s evil

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geometry which seemed like a bunch of mumbo jumbo way of stating the obvious…
couldn’t wrap my brain around it

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P. E. and Latin. Both were extremely difficult for me.

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Math. It was so goddamn boring.

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Math and History.
For my AP European History exam, I remember writing why yellow was my favorite color rather than the topic at hand for the essay portion of the test.
Damn satanic teachers tryin’ to get me to cooperate anshit. >.<

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I used to dread Maths, Physics (unless we were learning about space), Chemistry and PE (sport). I just wasn’t very good at any of these things.

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I didn’t like the sciences too much in public school.

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French grammar, like le mode grammatical exprimant subjonctif fait comme pensé ou imaginé par contraste avec l’indicatif qui est censé rapporter les faits réels.

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Ugh, I took Spanish, but I think all Latin-based languages have classes like this

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@Seek_Kolinahr – Yes, indeed. At university I took some Italian and Spanish as well and encountered the ‘subjonctif’ again… But this was just for fun. In high school it was about grades ;-)

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My best subject was “girlology!” just kidding! (had my first day my senior year in high school) Acutally spent all my time in the gym and obtained a four year scholarship to a major college…proud of that! time of my life! Playing in Southeastern Conference and playing Kentucky, Tennessee, LSU, etc was a great experience. Also, out of the conference, we played Texas and other great schools. Again, a wonderful experience!

Truth of the matter, wish i had all those subject to take again….certainly, did not do my best! In college did much better…goofed off a lot in HS in the class room.

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