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Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem like ants aren't nasty-gross like cockroaches and flies?

Asked by Val123 (12704points) June 11th, 2010

Ants don’t gross me out (unless I see them en-mass on my Baby Ruth first thing in the morning) like flies and especially cockroaches. Cockroaches make me want to shrivel up. Flies annoy me and I feel like, “Yuck!” when they land on me. Ants, on the other hand, seem like such nice, industrious, busy, clean little guys. So why does it seem like they’re cleaner to me than roaches or flies?

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It’s their PR firm. They do a great job with keeping their image pristine. Cockroaches are, well, cockroaches. The ones in the south are really horrible. They’re mostly outside, but are so big that they can either knock on the door or open it themselves. That’s a big yuck.

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@MissA I’ve been in places where if you turn on a light roaches scatter! So gross. Once I plugged in an iron, and as it heated up roaches came out. That crap can give me nightmares. Now if ANTS had come out of the iron I would have turned it off immediately and yelled at them to get out of there before they got hurt.

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Not as gross but when I see them crawling around on my kitchen counter, it kinda freaks me out.

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When I was young, I rented a beautiful apartment. But, when I began moving in, I discovered a cockroach infestation. I moved in and right back out. Thankfully, I did not take them with me. I was told that they would spray…but, I don’t like chemicals and even if I agreed to it, I’d always have been squeamish about it.

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Anything that vomits to pre-digest it’s food is pure evil! I hate flies for that very reason! Their eyes are pretty cool though!

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Living underground for billions of years made ants immune to many parasitic microorganism and they also develop the habit of cleaning their body more often than other insects. And the fact that they live in better surroundings than flies and cockroaches.

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@janbb, tYes, but all you have to do is wipe down your counters really well and they stay away. Not so with cockroaches.
@Cruiser GROSS!!! But….many mother animals do just that for their babies….not me though. I stuck with baby food!

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Which is worse if you saw 1 of the 3 floating in your glass of milk?

For me the only one with even a chance is the Ant. I agree with all on the tidy, relatively clean, and noble industriousness of Ants.

I almost feel sorry for Cockroaches (especially Mexican ones.)

But Flies… I go out of my way to annoy them. If a fly lands near by, I give a swipe to move him. As he lands again, I swipe again. Relentless. As a matter of practice: no fly shall go un-annoyed. Fight fire with fire, I say.

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I don’t know if they are cleaner,but they sure are murderous! I have seen them attacking a dragonfly and a swallowtail butterfly and they are relentless.Fire ants are interesting little things too.Very unfriendly.;)

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@ipso We shall seek out flies whereever they may be in the lairs and we shall annoy the crap out of them!

@lucillelucillelucille I lived in Florida as a kid. Man, they had some wicked ants there! Hurt like hell when they bit you!

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When I see ants, I see the success of collectivist monarchy. Like the Borg.
Ants are the most successful nation and empire builders on this planet.
There is a superhive that has spread across the globe, with a population that outnumbers umany times.
You think you are the most powerful, most succesful species on earth? Stop kidding yourself. Ants are. When I see ants, I see your masters.

For the Colony!

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I’ve had all 3 crawl across the top of my feet (not at the same time). Cockroach is the worst!

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YES!!! Send those suckers up with the next satellite!....Er.. No don’t.

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DAMN ANTS!! I was really REALLY NICE to give them the last bit of my Baby Ruth, don’t you think? Well! Humph! Since then they’ve decided my house is an all you can eat buffet! They are really becoming a nuisance. The WORST was when I poured myself a bowl of honey nut cheerios…and OMG. More like a bowl full of ants. I can’t believe how RUDE they are. It does make me clean my counters like a banshee, though…..

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I feel the same, but ants are definitely WAY more annoying. Probably mostly because i’ve never had a roach or fly problem as such.

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I’ll bet the writers who came up with The Borg had ant problems – resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. My boss had an impossible ant problem, until he set up a compost bin. Then the all you can eat buffet was OUTSIDE the house! Problem solved.

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