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Would SCAD be a good school to apply to? I want to go for fashion design.

Asked by ccakes_all99 (11points) June 11th, 2010

I’ve been going to a community college for about 3 quarters now, and have finally decided I would like to go somewhere else to pursue an education in fashion design or marketing. Would SCAD in savannah or atlanta be a good school to go to? Why or why not? How difficult is it to get into to?

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I have a friend whose son just finished his first year at SCAD, in film production. He loves it there and my friend says it’s a wonderful school. One of the things that my friend thought was good about it was that the kids/students from across the different disciplines can work/help on each other’s projects. Like you, in fashion design might have the opportunity to maybe do work on costumes on a student film project, etc.

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SCAD is a good school. It’s one of the top art schools in the country- along with RISD and NYSVA. Savannah is a beautiful town, it’s a bit rough in parts and it’s muggy in the Summer. It’s also not cheap- so be prepared to grant write your heart out. Is it worth it? That depends on you- I would definitely go for a meeting and tour to get the feel of it.

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SCAD is thought of very highly in the art education world. As @gemiwing said, Savannah is awesome…but hot! Same for Atlanta.
Getting accepted will depend on your portfolio and grades/scores…I think it’s pretty competitive. Give it a shot!

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My step-daughter just graduated from SCAD with her Masters in Architecture. She had a job before she graduated and many offers from top firms since her graduation. She loved it.

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