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Remember before Google?

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 11th, 2010

I don’t.

What did we do? How did we learn stuff?

(The Google page said, on the left side: “Everything” and then just underneath it: “More” – how can there be more than everything?)

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I think i used AltaVista before.

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“Hello, reference desk. How may I help you?”

That and asking smart people we knew who hoarded books in their basement.

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I used the library a lot.

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I remember before Altair.

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We gathered together in groups and talked.
Shared our personal thoughts and experiences.

Face to Face.

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I read books, newspapers and magazines. I used the library for research.

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In school we were taught the Dewey Decimal System so we could go to the library, a very quiet place and do research. The library was also a place for socialization as well. The library had a certain smell that you would instantly recognize if you were blindfolded.

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I don’t use google…not a fan.

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The paradigm shift between then and now is truly awesome.Great, beyond the word’s ability to convey its meaning. Akin to the difference between walking and flying.
I suspect that great good will come out of it.

I do still love walking though.

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Final Fantasy on Super Nintendo.

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I used Webcrawler before Google, and Northern Light before Webcrawler. And before Northern Light, I was on Gopher, so I used Veronica and Archie. Before Gopher there was nowhere to go unless you knew the dotted quad to which you wanted to telnet anyway.

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Omg. Webcrawler. I remember that. It was some badass shit, at least for its time.

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BG was in the days of the BG’s. ha!

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Barely. I used to be an Alta Vista fan.

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Before Google (and more to the point, the Internet), I would spend a lot of time at the library and bookstores.

Libraries for specific research and bookstores for just randomly flipping through dozens of magazines.

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I’d often browse encyclopedias for random stuff. Kind of a stone-age Googling I guess. But it was wonderful. Libraries are wonderful. I wonder if the HS ever encounter random lass mates in the library any more? Prolly not.

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Random experiment….... FAIL!!

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Altavista. I first switched to Google because there were no irritating flashy banner ads. And later the text ads didn’t bother me.

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