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What would you do in this (ficticious) "bodice-ripper" situation? + questions about a book I saw.

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) June 11th, 2010

Bodice-ripper refers to the kinds of books that my mom calls romance novels – you know, with the half naked guy with long hair and a fit body and the girl clutching him on some storm-whisked landscape and whatnot.

I was at Barnes & Noble today, and I randomly saw this book about how this student seduces a teacher. Anyway, he ends up sleeping with her (I assume, since she… ah, persuaded him with other parts of her body). But she had been stalking him and teasing him and whatnot.

So I got to thinking… if he had just told someone like his girlfriend, or the principal of the school where he taught and she learned, then in real life, what really would have happened?

Would you take his word or hers? She could always use the whole he had the hots for me thing, but he could always use the men can only handle so much line.

Anyhow, what would happen in real life if he had told someone? I mean, I know that he could probably go to jail or something, but would she also get in trouble? And what would you do if you were in this situation (as the teacher or someone that found out – I don’t want to know what you would do if you were her.)

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I would frog march the naughty professor to the principal’s office. I can’t stand a weak man, one who is lead around by his dick. His pleas of “a man can only handle so much” wouldn’t cut any mustard for me. The seductress? Well I’d probably applaud her for knowing exactly which man to pick, her hunting instincts were spot. I’d also kick her butt out of school, go somewhere else and play your games, dearie.

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@troubleinharlem, I can’t tell for sure in your question which is the teacher and which the student—male or female. It seems to go both ways. I do believe society’s response differs a bit, depending, even though legally it might amount to the same thing.

The film Notes on a Scandal deals with the fictitious case of a 15-year-old male student pursuing and seducing a female teacher in her thirties. She is the one who is punished even though he is the aggressor. His innocence is taken for granted because he is the younger party. It’s hard to know how realistic the film might be.

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You might as well ask what would happen if you called a plumber to fix your pipes and instead of paying him, you loosened the bodice on your negligee. Since plumbers are over $100 an hour and a hooker is rather cheaper than that, you’d probably find yourself facing a lawsuit. And anyone trying to pay for pizza delivery with sex and bad 70s public domain disco had best have a can of beans on hand, because you’re likely to not only go hungry, but be put on some kind of pizza deadbeat blacklist.

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@Jeruba – the teacher was a male, and the student was a female.
Do you think that the teacher would really be punished even though he started it?

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@Silhouette – That makes sense… do you think she would get as much punishment as the guy would?

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I don’t think a man would be sanctioned as much if he liked a young female student….as if it was a young male student and an older female teacher. There have been stories upon stories with girls running away with their male teachers here in the UK. But when the opposite happens, the female teacher and the younger male student…this usually is interpreted by the press as more deviant and twisted. Honestly, we don’t ever get the true story behind these incidents, just the media take on them. Either way, it is just a boatload of trouble and a zone that should be off-limits.

They are writing bodice-rippers about young female students and their teachers? Hmm. What happened to the jackaroos wooing station nurses? Oh, wait that was pre-1965 Mills and Boon.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus ; really? I would think that it would be worse if the guy liked a younger girl that happened to be a student. Not sure why…..

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You would think that, right? But the press here seems to be easier on the men than the woman….probably because the media is controlled by men.

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@troubleinharlem She would if I ran the school. I’d just make them both leave. If the teacher was a woman and the student was a male I’d apply the same.

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