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Is turd a swear word?

Asked by blemonge (99points) June 11th, 2010

just wondered if you could say turd at work…as in, you can polish a turd, i just created a turd, we all like turd

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It is very informal and not really appropriate for the workplace except between friends, but it is not a swear word, merely an impolite word.

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Probably not good to talk about excrement at work.

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The word you are looking for is vulgar. It is vulgar to use the word turd. Any word can be a swear word if you swear it; example: “That person is a complete Plutoid.”

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Turd is not a swear word.

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“We all like turd?” What the hell does that mean?
“You can polish a turd.” What?

Do you work on another planet?

Turd is not a swear word, though you’d be better off to say one instead of making yourself sound like…hmmm. A turd?

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borderline, like piss…

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@MissA: Ok so two things were being silly (sense of humour required, I just like to fill out my sentences) but “well, you can polish a turd” is a saying, for example when referring to an ugly building that has been redecorated, one may say “well you can polish a turd, but its still a turd” – turd as a metaphor was a thrust of the question, though its use a noun was also part of my quandary. I’m sorry that wasn’t made clear.

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@blemonge My humor button was disengaged…however, I think I’d pass on the turd plate at work.

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I prefer “stool”...

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@DominicX That term was completely ruined for me when my dad’s cousin told a joke about pushing in stools at gay bars…

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Yeah, I’ve heard that one before… >:(

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Any word that is derogatory in nature is a swear word.

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I would say it’s slang rather than a swear word, but it’s definitely not appropriate for the workplace.

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I just heard my grandson say “Oh fecal doo doo” as a swear word. I think his mother taught him to say it because I don’t allow swear words in my house.

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