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Is there a good reason why the last question about speaking English was removed?

Asked by jrpowell (40464points) June 11th, 2010

It seemed like a legit question and it was in the right place. Did they want it removed?

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And is there a reason that i have to ask the same question in some time concerning your question?
Yeah, i was also looking for that question, wanting to write a reply…
Maybe the OP has asked the mods to pull it himself?
I thought that Dr C wrote pretty fine English, by the way.

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My guess is it was sent to editing and will return without the part that reads “so now I see fluther is not for everyone”.

just a guest, I see @syz is responding

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That got pulled now? Christ, what the fuck?

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[mod says] The question that was pulled is one that specifically questioned the moderation system, and so I politely requested that Doctor D contact the moderation team directly (as is the proper protocol). It was also my opinion that the “So now I see..” question was more of an expression of frustration than an actual question, and so also did not meet Fluther requirements for questions for that reason.

I have been in contact with Doctor D regarding the original question that precipitated the frustration that was expressed, and I feel pretty certain that the situation has been resolved.

As always, if the OP disagrees with my assessment, the moderation team (and manager) will consider the case and make a decision.

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@syz What a load of crap. That thread belonged to everyone who posted in it, including me, and I want it back.

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Did i say Dr C?
I meant Dr D.

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[mod says] I concur with the reasoning for pulling that question.

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Jeez – you go out to supper and miss so many muzzles.

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Keepin’ it real.

Less fancy-pants – more answers.

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Well, Auggie, that’s disappointing. I’ve seen you defend the indefensible before. And in the meantime @syz is ignoring me here and in PMs.

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It sounded a lot like flame bait to me.

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@dpworkin If you have a moderation question for me, feel free to contact me in a civil manner and I’ll be happy to respond.

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My PM to you didn’t pass muster? In what way was it deficient?

Edit: It had the word “shit” in it. That’s how I talk.

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My apologies to the OP for all of the off-topic – I would request, @dpworkin, that you continue any further discussion via pm, if you so desire. In the meantime, I did not realize that your pm required a response, as there was not question, merely the observation that my decision “sucks monkey dick”.

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Indeed it does.

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[Mod Note:] We realize that sometimes it looks strange when a question is removed. As a Mod seeing the communication behind the scenes we can see a more complete picture.

Please put the pitchforks down. The moderator helping Dr. D has done a fantastic job. The original issues have been resolved.

Now I am returning to the family celebration I am attending that I ditched long enough to write this. :)

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@syz If you are going to quote my private message to you, quote the whole thing. It’s kind of cowardly not to, isn’t it?

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<Sigh> Is there some particular reason that you are so unpleasant?

As a matter of fact, I merely corrected your post. Your statement “It had the word “shit” in it” was incorrect; it had the phrase “sucks monkey dick” in it. “Shit” is nowhere to be found.

Now, are you planning to continue to publicly berate me so that I feel obligated to respond? Wouldn’t you prefer to insult me in private?

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Is it just me or does almost all Fluther-related drama involve @dpworkin? He must be a magnet for such things… ;)

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Where do you want me to put this llama?

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sucks monkey dick lmao

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If I may ask, what was the question?

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@Symbeline Making us homesick for AB, is this?~

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land What, when we have Fluther now, instead, I wouldn’t even go back if it was restored and I was near the top of the leaderboard.

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@YARNLADY My thoughts exactly, and I was at the top of the leader board when it self-destructed.

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Fuck the Leaderboard. :D

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@Symbeline YAY!! :^D Hi. My name is Stranger and I’m a recovering points-whore.

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What on earth is going on with a question that has appatently been locked in a loop for three weeks???

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