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Actors, actresses, entertainers; who sets your off your gaydar (besides the obvious)?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 11th, 2010

We all know Rosie, Ellen, and Ricky Mar-en, but, who else do you think bats for the other team?

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Travolta, Spacey, Anderson Cooper, Tom the freak Cruise, I think Lance Armstrong, Jake G., Toby Maguire…

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Oh, and G. Clooney, Alicia Keys, Latifah.

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Lance Armstrong was never actually caught, so you can’t pin it on him.

But wait, do you mean “gay gay” or “Hollywood gay”?

The first being gay, the second being “I’m so huge and magnificent I’ll screw anything.”

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You think Clooney is? Never would’ve thought him.

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I think George Clooney is too.

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Don’t hate me – I think gaydar doesn’t exist…it’s an illusory concept…someone very smart and a friend of mine once wrote “gaydar relies on the assumption that certain people can detect the ‘truth’ about someone’s gayness based on further assumptions of what constitutes gayness’ and I agree
And I thought Lisa Loeb was a lesbian but then she got married to a man so she’s at least bisexual…probably not…sigh

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@jjmah now there you go changing the subject, :)

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@jjmah shakes head with smile on face

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I think its really hard to tell the gay people from the people who just may be too into themselves. I’ve seen some actors or actresses who can’t seem to deliver a love scene with someone who is extremely attractive. I always figure, either they suck or they hate the other person, or they weren’t into them as much as themselves or they are gay. Too many of those sucky actors and actresses to list. Lets take Tyra. I don’t think shes gay but I do believe she will never find someone she loves more or equal to herself.

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I think RuPaul might be gay. He sets off my Gaydar.

Tom Cruise is definitely not gay gay though. He’s married.

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Ellen Page sets mine off. But who knows…


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Clooney? say it ain’t so.

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Sylvester Stallion and Clint Eastwood, because they put so much effort into their contrived macho affectations. ;-)

Also, Britney Spears because a kiss from Madonna can turn anyone gay, regardless of their gender. :p

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Russell Brand

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Yes, Gaydar is totally stupid, but I’m playing anyway. I have to say Tom Cruise – so many rumurs and such devotion to Scientology. Is he trying to “cure” himself? To me, the Katie Holmes marriage was strange, not as strange as Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, but almost.

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