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Is this racist or a different form of bigotry?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) June 11th, 2010

I’m talking with someone who believes we should kill all South Koreans. Is that racist or a different subsection of bigotry? I want to say nationalistic but that is really more about loving your own country and not about hating a specific other country.

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Um, was he perhaps speaking of North Korea? And what was his reasoning for wiping out an entire populace?

I tend to lump racism and bigotry into the same category, so I’m not sure what the difference would be. But it’s definitely not an attitude to admire.

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@syz yes north Korea. My bad.

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Not bigotry, just an extra-hostile attitude. North Korea is making itself into a threat these days, which is legitimate cause for not liking someone.

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It’s an attitude that might include some kind of prejudice or bigotry, perhaps in a way similar to why Americans of Japanese descent were herded into internment camps during WWII but not Americans of German descent. Yes, the Japanese attacked U.S. soil directly but we were just as much at war with the Germans as we were with the Japanese.

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I feel sometimes as if I’m not represented personally by our country’s leaders. I also believe that is common in our country as well as in other countries,

Therefore, I don’t understand how someone could want to eradicate an entire populace because of that country’s leaders.

Call it what you will…I call it wrong.

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@Nullo: The leader of North Korea is making his country into a threat. There are an awful lot of North Koreans who want to leave North Korea but can’t.

I would call that bigotry. I think it’s in the same category as calling all Muslims terrorists or, as @lillycoyote said, putting Japanese Americans into internment camps. Though, often, it wasn’t just Japanese Americans who were put into these camps. Sometime any Asian was put into these camps.

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@KatawaGrey I am aware of that; you will notice that I referred to North Korea the State, and not North Koreans.
The OP’s speaker is making the reasonable – if incorrect – assumption that, as Americans tend to back their government, so North Koreans would tend to back Kim Jong Il.

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It’s insanity. Very Hitlersque

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